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Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller are Most Dope on the boardwalk

Here is a new article from Scott Mervis at the pg where he talks about the amount of Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller merchandise he saw at Rehoboth Beach.

mac and wiz boardwalk merchandise

If you were an alien plopped on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach you would come away with the impression that the three most famous on the planet are Bob Marley, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

Looking for a Katy Perry or Lady Gaga T-shirt? You won’t find one. Lil Wayne or Jay Z? Nope. You won’t even find dinosaurs like AC/DC or Pink Floyd.

The only pop-star merch you’ll encounter are Marley, Wiz and Mac, which offers some insight into how much kids today love weed — or at least the idea of it.

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Wiz not only had a No. 1 single (“Black and Yellow”), but he has the “Taylor Gang” mystic working for him. I actually saw an upscale middle-aged woman walk into a souvenir store and ask, “Do you have ‘Taylor Gang or Die’ shirts?” Priceless.

Miller’s presence in shop windows is a bigger surprise, because the 19-year rap phenom, also from Allderdice, isn’t even on a major label and has yet to release his proper studio debut. But he’s made his name with his mixtapes and sold-out club tour and his “Blue Slide Park” is coming in the fall on Rostrum. Along with being a breath of fresh air in the party rap scene — he is the happiest rapper out there, right? — Miller has scored big with the “Most Dope” image.

The question is, if you’re second hottest thing on the boardwalk to salt water taffy, what happens next? Will people burn out on Mac Miller before his debut album even comes out? Chances are they won’t as long as he delivers on the hype…

As an aside, on Monday, Miller was named one of MTV Jams’ 2011 Fab 5 artists, following in the footsteps of Young Jeezy, Kid Cudi and Drake.

He told MTV News, “Blue Slide Park is a park in Pittsburgh we grew up at. Being 2, going down slides, and then being 6, playing Little League and hanging out there, then being older coming back there to drink and smoke and party, running from the cops. And now going back there just to chill out and drink a beer.”