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Video: Mac Miller Explains Having The Most Terrifying 10th Birthday Party Ever

He may only be 21, but Mac Miller already has a bonafide career behind him.

The Pittsburgh native has released two EPs, countless of mix tapes and two studio albums, having dropped his latest, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, this past summer. Let’s not forget that he’s featured on one of the biggest songs of the year, “The Way” by Ariana Grande, a double platinum hit.

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Rocking a Maple Leafs jersey, Mac Miller sits down with ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos right before his Toronto show (a.k.a. during his opening act) and recounts some special tales from his past. From his first concert to reciting the very first verse he was ever proud of, the rapper spills all. He also shares one terrifying birthday party story that would make anyone pee in their pants. Trust us, you’ll want to hear this tale.

Mac Miller’s latest album Watching Movies with the Sound Off is available now!