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The Ill Spoken (Beedie & Mac Miller) – Paid Dues (The Reunion) (Prod. By P. Fish)

In 2008, while being a frequent member of Rap Mullet, I met this dude named Will Kalson. He ended up becoming one of the best people I’ve met in this industry. Without him, a lot of the Pittsburgh talent you see on SD wouldn’t be there. He introduced me to his main act, The Ill Spoken, before they released their one mixtape, How High. This made SD the first to really support them. Eventually, Beedie and EZ Mac split up to do their solo stuff. We know where Mac ended up going, and Beedie isn’t too far behind, putting out quality projects over the years, including his most recent Above The Weather EP.

Just to give us some more music, and what could be served as a great turning point for Beedie’s career, these two white boys reunite for “Paid Dues.” A reflection on the good times and the bad. From the crowds at the Shadow Lounge to their beef with some Canadians (classic), this record talks about it all. Incredible to say the least.