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The Hot Seat: Mac Miller (MTVU Interview)

1. Tell us about your craziest touring experience?
Adjusting to life on the road has been pretty crazy. It’s a completely different lifestyle and set of responsibilities to take on. The craziest experience was crowd surfing for the first time at Little 500 at Indiana University… It felt surreal.

2. What type of college class would you’d most want to take and why?
Spanish. I wanna speak another language.

3. What city in America is the most fun to visit and why?
Pittsburgh. If you asked me this last year I probably would have said another city. But going home for me is an incredible thing. I feel like I’m visiting cuz I don’t even feel like I live in Pittsburgh, I’m gone so much. Other than Pittsburgh I really enjoyed all the cities I went to in Texas.

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4. What’s some of the best advice you were ever given?
Bun B and I had a conversation about reaching your fans on all kinds of levels, and the power of opening up to the people that support you.

5. What’s in heavy rotation in your MP3/CD player right now?
Big KRIT album, Smoke DZA new mixtape, Rolling Papers, and that new Beastie Boys joint has been getting played all the time.

6. The last good book you read or TV show you’re addicted to?
Right now I’m reading Life by Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. It’s a crazy ass book.

7. What’s the first concert you ever saw – how was it?
The first concerts I ever saw were Jazz concerts I went to with my parents, but I remember going to a Coldplay concert with my brother when i was like 11. It was a huge show filled with all kind of special effects. that was pretty crazy to me.

8. What are three items you can’t live without on tour?
1. Internet
2. NBA 2K11
3. Sushi

9. Who are your major musical influences?

Everything from The Beastie Boys to Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest to The Beatles. Oasis was one of my favorite bands when I was younger, I just remembered how dope they are. Big L will always be a huge influence on my music because of how much L I listened to when I was writing.

Any random messages or tips you’d like to give to mtvU watchers?
Its easier to hate then love…but the dude with a smile on his face is always the coolest dude in the room. Keep your thumb up and spread love.