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The Complete Guide To Pre-Ordering Blue Slide Park

If you haven’t pre-ordered Mac Miller’s debut album “Blue Slide Park” yet I have to ask you, What are you waiting for?!?!? This kid has provided us with so much free music over the past couple years the least that we can do is spend around 10$ for his album. If you didn’t know, the album drops next Tuesday and listed below are the prices of pre-orders from various sites:

blue slide park preorder

Mac Miller’s Official Store ($9.99-$38.99) *Various packages are available with hoodies, tees, poster etc

NewBuryComics ($12.99 + shipping) *For a very limited time when you pre-order it comes with an autographed booklet so act fast!)

BestBuy ($9.99 + Shipping)

iTunes ($9.99) *Digital Download

FYE ($9.99 + shipping)

HotTopic ($9.99 + shipping) *Comes with a free Blue Slide Park poster while supplies last

Amazon ($9.99 + Shipping)

Walmart ($10.00 + Shipping)

CdUniverse ($12.58 + Shipping)

*We ended up pre-ordering a copy from NewBuryComics and we recommend you do too. You end up paying like 6-7$ more than most places when you include shipping but the autograph booklet makes it worth it.