Mac Miller Details His Encounter With Lorde

MTV talked with Mac Miller about his recent trip to Australia. During the chat Mac detailed his encounter with 17 year old, international super star, Lorde. While Mac thinks that she is an incredible talent, Mac says that a collaboration isn’t happening anytime soon, because he doesn’t feel he’s on her level.

Mac does, however, reveal that he is back to working with Diplo! The two previously collaborated on the standout ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ track, “Goosebumpz”.

Music Video: Mac Miller – Avian

On Saturday, Mac Miller dropped his music video for “Avian”, a track which originally appeared on his sophomore set, ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off.‘ If you’re into something crazy, unique and spiritual, then this is the video for you!

Up next, Mac will drop a music video for “Diablo.” When we will get that, we don’t yet know.

Mac Miller Announces Release Date For “Avian” Music Video

Mac Miller continues to release work from his sophomore album, ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off.’ Next up is the music video for track #2, “Avian.”

Mac took to his twitter account tonight to give fans a release date for the video. Watch for it when it drops on February 15th!

Music Video: Mac Miller – I Am Who Am Ft Niki Randa

First it was “S.D.S.”, then “Watching Movies”, followed by “Gees.” Now we get the 4th music video from Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off, with the official music video for “I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)” featuring Niki Randa. Video directed by Rex Arrow.

Mac Miller Names His 5 Favorite Tracks On “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”

Mac Miller recently spoke with The Source and revealed his top 5 favorite tracks on his new album, “Watching Movies With The Sound Off.” How does his top 5 compare to yours?? Hit us up on twitter @macmillersite

1) “Objects In The Mirror”

“Objects” is a beautiful song. The song was channeling addictions and personifying them as a female.

2) “Avian”

“Avian”, to me, is the heart and soul of the album. It’s the biggest representation of the album to me. It’s surrealism, very spiritual. I love that hook and I made the beat so that makes me bias.

3) “REMember”

“Remember” has so much emotion in that song.

4) “Aquarium”

I think those are the two greatest verses I’ve ever spit in my life. It’s my analysis of the world.

5) “The Star Room”

[It’s] the most honest joint I’ve ever made. It was just the perfect way to set off the album. The two voices, the one inside my head and me, it’s Linda like the voice inside your head represents the bizarreness. Then, it’s like, I’m shaking it off, spitting, and then falling victim to it at the end.



“Youphoria” is just a ballad. It’s actually all about a vagina. The whole thing is about a pussy, a very deep spiritual vagina.

The Source

Trailer: Mac Miller – Watching Movies

Next week, Mac Miller will be releasing the new music video for “Watching Movies” off his upcoming album, ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off.’ To hype the release of the music video, Mac Miller just dropped a 10 second trailer of the video. The trailer features hot women in Mac Miller’s car, gold chains and more. Directed by Rex Arrow as always. ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ June 18th.

‘Watching Trailers With The Sound Off’