New Music: Mac Miller ft. Treejay – Erica’s House

Mac Miller drops his first track of 2014 titled “Erica’s House” with production by his monkier of Larry Fisherman. Mac raps about being sober again, critics who compare him to Macklemore, and trying to find The Beatles in London. The track is co-produced by ID Labs and features TreeJay on the track with a bit of auto-tune help.

Mac recently revealed he has four albums recorded and ready to go this year, expect a great and busy year for the Pittsburgh MC.

Listen and download Mac Miller’s “Erica’s House” featuring TreeJay produced by Larry Fisherman and ID Labs.

TreeJay Presents “High Eyes 10”

TreeJay is back with his 10th installment of his “High Eyes” video series. For this one, Tree breaks out a 10 ft vape bag and a lot of dabs and throws in a few dunks.

TreeJay & DJ Clockwork Present “S.H.O.WTIME”

TreeJay and DJ Clockwork are back at it again with this years 4/20 release “S.H.O.W (Super High Off Wax)TIME.” The tape features dope tracks from a variety of different artists including Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Beedie, Franchise, Vinny Radio, Devin Miles, Choo Jackson and many many more. What are you waiting for?? Roll up and smoke out to this!

Download: TreeJay & DJ Clockwork Present “S.H.O.WTIME”

TreeJay Presents “High Eyes 9”

Although its been awhile, TreeJay is back with episode #9 of his High Eye series. For this episode TreeJay teams up with Swagger Glass & PlatteValleyWaxRoom to bring you some smoked out fun! Look for TreeJay to do it big this 4/20 as he will release a new mixtape, “Showtime (Super High Off Wax)” and a new High Eyes. The Showtime mixtape is a follow up to his previous 4/20 mixtapes; The Grow Op, Piff Jar, & Sour Hour.

Kush Friendly Clothing

You may have seen Kush Friendly around before. They were featured in TREEJAY’s High Eyes 5 video. They’re back to bless the Mac Miller fans of with 20% off their order. Just use the coupon code listed below!

kush friendly clothingVISIT KUSH FRIENDLY

Mac Miller – No Photos (Posse Cut Pt. 1) Ft MostDope

Earlier this morning Mac Miller tweeted that we were in for a “real treat” then a couple mintes later he then dropped a track called “No Photos” featuring Bill The Kid, Franchise, Willy Whip$, Vinny Radio, Peanut, G-Reg, Big Homie, Q, Larry F., Treejay & The Cigarillos, Goldie Glocks, Clockwork, and babyscumbag The track was produced by Larry Fisherman Recorded by Larry Fisherman Mixed by Josh Berg. It’s cool to hear Mac have all his homies spit on the track, especially if you’ve ever met any of them.

no photos

Download: Mac Miller – No Photos (Posse Cut Pt. 1) Ft MostDope

TreeJay & DJ Clockwork Present “The Grow Op” (Mixtape)

Every year on 4/20 TreeJay releases a new stoner mixtape featuring brand new music. In 2010 he released ‘Sour Hour‘, in 2011 he released ‘Piff Jar’ and just moments ago he released his newest mixtape ‘The Grow OP’. This mixtape features brand new tracks from Mac Miller, The Come Up, Sir Michael Rocks, & more and is mixed by DJ Clockwork. So roll up a joint and chill out and listen to this smooth music. Happy 4:20!

the grow op

1.Mac Miller – The Grow Op (Intro) (Prod By Big Jerm)
2.The Come Up – L Ride (Prod. by Khrysis)
3.Sir Michael Rocks – We Get High ( Prod. Cookin Soul)
4.Crawl Genius – Biggest Misconception About Weed Interlude
5.Buggs Tha Rocka Feat Monty Burns Slickk Tiszimo – SmokIn’ GooD
6.Boaz – Recipe Freestyle
7.Freaky Franz – On Flex ( Prod By Freaky Franz)
8.Tolly – OG Kush (prod. Metro)
9.The Ave – 1st Time I Got High ( Prod J. Fish)
10.Lundo – Louis ArmSTRONG (Prod. HD)
11.Beedie – The Smoke Shop ( Prod. Reese Jones)
12.Bill Tha Kid Feat. Beedie – The CO-OP ( Prod. RawB)
13.Frenchise – Staleface (Prod. Jay Card)
14.Vinny Radio – Quarter Tank Of gas (Prod Big Jerm)
15.Smoke DZA – Chief ( Matt Cody) (Outro)

Download: TreeJay & DJ Clockwork Present “The Grow Op” (Mixtape)

NDK X TreeJay ‘Kushmas’ Hoody

NDK and TreeJay have teamed up once again for another dope release. This time they release the ‘Kushmas’ hoody to celebrate the Holiday season. You can order yours today starting at 4:20 est, only 450 of these were made and these will sell-out!


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TreeJay Presents: High Eyes 6

TreeJay is back with episode 6 of High Eyes. In this episode Treejay along with the mostdope clique smoke out the bus on the Blue Slide Park Tour.

NDK X TREEJAY STONER LIFE HOODY! +Private Collection Beanies

Dropping at 4:20 today is a very exclusive release, NDK has teemed up with Treejay to release the Stoner Life Hoody! In addition NDK has also just release their Private Collection Beanies. Both pieces of merchandise come just in time for the cold winter months. Order online at

stoner life hoody

ndk beanies

TreeJay Presents “High Eyes 5”

Our homie Teejay is back with another video for his High Eyes series, this time he brings along Peanut to smoke with. The two smoke out the house like crazy, including TreeJay doing a handstand while hitting the bong! KUSH Friendly “Puff Puff Pass” tee in the video. Look for that in the store soon!

High Eyes 4

The “High Eyes” series continues with episode number 4, Treejay and Bill smoke some good weed. Now can we get a new fun is for everybody???