New Music: Mac Miller – Myspace Freestyle

Mac Miller recently appeared in a commercial for the Myspace relaunch. Now, Mac is promoting them once again. This time, he walks around in barefoot and spits a killer freestyle. I went ahead and ripped the audio for you guys!

Download: Mac Miller – Myspace Freestyle

Mac Miller Talks Steeler Football

In Pittsburgh, you’re born a Steeler fan, the black & gold runs in your blood. In a new interview with, Mac Miller talks about being raised a Steelers fan and who his favorite players are, past and present.


When you hear the name Steelers what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Super Bowl champs and family. I have traveled all around the world and you meet Steelers fans everywhere. It’s pretty awesome. There are so many fans in every city. It’s cool to be in a random airport in Kentucky and you see a guy in a Steelers sweatshirt and you give him the little point and snap.

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Earl Sweatshirt Denies Invite To Join Mac Miller’s Bike Gang

If you enjoyed season one of “Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family” then you know about Mac’s “SCW (Studio City Warriors)” bike gang. In a new cut from the season, Mac Miller asks Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt to join his gang. Earl denies Mac’s invite and claims that he is already in a bike gang.

New Music: Mac Miller – The Space Spangled Banner

At a recent Mac Miller show, the clock struck midnight and turned to July 4th. At this time he and the crowd sang The Space Migration Tours version of the “Star Spangled Banner” making “The Space Spangled Banner.” DJ Clockwork drops some Gucci adlibs to help out in the fun! Happy Birthday America!

Download: Mac Miller – The Space Spangled Banner

Mac Miller Gets New Tattoo In Paris (Video)

While in Paris, Mac Miller added to the ink on his body and got a new tattoo. Check out the video of Mac giving an interview where he talks about his first tat amongst other things.