Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family To Be Broadcast On MTV, Not MTV2

Right now, MTV is currently following around Mac Miller as they shoot season 2 of Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family. Last night, while fielding questions on the Arsenio Hall Show, Mac revealed huge news by revealing that his hit television show will now be shown on MTV instead of MTV 2 where the first season debuted. This is huge news and a testament to the Mac Miller fans who went hard for the show. Look for season 2 coming in early 2014!

Watch Mac’s performance of Avian/Aquarium on the Arsenio Hall Show here

Mac Miller Gives His Take On Guys Wearing Speedos

Mac Miller is back with a new MTV Buzzworthy video. This time he takes 30 seconds to give his opinion on guys wearing speedos.

Mac Miller On RapFixLive

Mac Miller will momentarily join Sway on MTV’s Rap Fix Live. They will discuss a number of things including Watching Movies With The Sound Off!

The live show is over now, but RapFix will replay the episode on the stream several times throughout the day. If you missed any of it, look for videos to come this week!

Mac Miller & Corey Feldman Break Down The “S.D.S.” Music Video

Mac Miller has made a lot of noise since the release of his new music video for his single, “S.D.S.” staring himself as a super hero and Corey Feldman as the evil villain. In the video below, Mac and Corey breakdown each frame of the video and give fans a synopsis of what exactly is going on.

Mac Miller Explains The Three Larrys

Mac Miller is a man of many hats. Over the past several months he has taken on the persona of Larry Lovestein, Larry Dollaz and Larry Fisherman. For tonights bonus content from Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family, Mac explains the three Larrys. Look for the full stream of episode #5 to be posted tomorrow!

Mac Miller Reflects On Winning “Woodie Of The Year” Last Year

This week the Woodie Awards are held in Austin, TX during the SXSW concert celebration. In the video below, Mac Miller reflects on taking home the Woodie Of The Year award at last years show.

Mac Miller Talks With Macklemore & Ab-Soul In His Home Studio

Last night, MTV 2 showcased episode #2 of Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family. Following the episode, MTV released the following bonus clip featuring Mac Miller, Macklemore and Ab-Soul chatting in Mac’s home studio. Look for episode #2 to be posted later today.

Mac Miller On MTV’s “When I Was 17” (Sneak Peek)

It’s a Mac Miller weekend on the MTV networks as we anticipate the debut of “Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family” this Tuesday. Tonight (2-23) Mac will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at his mansion during a special airing of “Jackass: The Movie” at 10 p.m. on MTV. Then on Sunday morning on MTV 2, Mac will be featured on featured in “The Dub Magazine Project” at 10 a.m., “The Week in Jams” at 11 a.m., “When I Was Seventeen” at 1 p.m. and “MTV2’s Guy Code” at 3 p.m. Below is a sneak peek of Mac’s episode of “When I Was Seventeen.”

Mac Miller Appears On Ridiculousness (Full Episode)

Last night marked the 2nd episode for season 3 of Rob Dyrdek’s hit MTV show, “Ridiculousness.” Every new episode features a celebrity on the panel, this time Mac Miller got his chance to appear on the show. While being played some hilarious viral videos, Mac sits back and cracks some jokes and has a good time. This episode is a must watch!

Mac Miller Shares Secrets To The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever

Mac Miller gives out love lessons in this latest video released by MTV. Mac, the love guru tells you guys everything you need to know about a date.

Mac Miller Says “Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family” Will Be “Dope”

Tuesdays are MostDope! If you don’t already know, Mac Miller’s new reality tv show, “Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family” will debut on MTV 2 on February 26th at 11:30. In a recently interview with MTV Mac described the TV show as being “DOPE”.

Mac Miller To Appear On MTV’s “Ridiculousness”

Rob Dyrdek and MTV have teamed up to bring fans season 3 of the hit show, “Ridiculousness.” The new season is set to take flight Thursday, February 14 at 10/9c and will be full of hilarious clips and celebrity guests. Recently the trailer for the new season was released which showed off many of the guests including, Mac Miller. We’re not sure when Mac’s episode will aire, but we will be sure to let you know when we find out!

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