Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family To Be Broadcast On MTV, Not MTV2

Right now, MTV is currently following around Mac Miller as they shoot season 2 of Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family. Last night, while fielding questions on the Arsenio Hall Show, Mac revealed huge news by revealing that his hit television show will now be shown on MTV instead of MTV 2 where the first season debuted. This is huge news and a testament to the Mac Miller fans who went hard for the show. Look for season 2 coming in early 2014!

Watch Mac’s performance of Avian/Aquarium on the Arsenio Hall Show here

Mac Miller Is The Hairiest Rapper Alive

Mac Miller has shown off his hairy body several times in the past, most notably on the Watching Movies With The Sound Off cover. Now the Pittsburgh rapper speaks on his hairy body, calling himself “the hairiest rapper alive” in this weeks, Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family rough cut.

Neighbors Complain From Mac Miller’s Loudness

A new Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family rough cut has been released this week. If you watched the series you will remember the house party episode where the neighbors complained from the noises at night. Now MTV releases an extended clip from the reading of the letter.

Earl Sweatshirt Denies Invite To Join Mac Miller’s Bike Gang

If you enjoyed season one of “Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family” then you know about Mac’s “SCW (Studio City Warriors)” bike gang. In a new cut from the season, Mac Miller asks Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt to join his gang. Earl denies Mac’s invite and claims that he is already in a bike gang.

Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family: ‘The Imprisoned Producer’ [Bonus Scene]

For the latest bonus clip from Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family, Mac and Quentin mess around with the shows producer, Jeff. In the clip below they place Jeff in a tennis racket prison and have a funny dialogue.

Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family (Episode 5)

The 5th episode of Larry Lovestein & The Most Dope Family Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family premiered last night on MTV. This weeks show featured the TV debut of Larry Lovestein, who gave his first interview and performance. Additionally, Mac buys bikes for the family and starts the SCW bike gang. Tune in next Tuesday for the season finale!

Update: Viewers outside the US can watch the episode here

Mac Miller Explains The Three Larrys

Mac Miller is a man of many hats. Over the past several months he has taken on the persona of Larry Lovestein, Larry Dollaz and Larry Fisherman. For tonights bonus content from Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family, Mac explains the three Larrys. Look for the full stream of episode #5 to be posted tomorrow!