Mac Miller Explains What He Learned In 2013, Dawson’s Creek, & More

If you take a look at the iTunes listing for Mac Miller’s newest album, Live From Space, you’ll note that the first two entries under “Contemporaries” are Sam Adams and Asher Roth, former frat rappers in arms who first got big off of realizing that drunken college kids wanted to listen to music about being drunken college kids. In that sense, Mac still has a ways to go before he completely sheds the grinning, grating persona that earned a brutal Pitchfork takedown and the enmity of every rap writer over the age of 30.

But pop culture is nothing if not forgiving, and Mac hung around long enough, and did enough drugs, to make his way down the lonely path of self-analysis toward something resembling enlightened. He hoovered up left-field sonic influences and refined his technique, which earned him enthusiastic co-signs from artists like Earl Sweatshirt and Flying Lotus, culminating in a 2013 album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, that earned legitimate acclaim and helped wipe away some of the disdain for his earlier output.

Today, Live From Space, the 14-song mix of live recordings from The Space Migration Tour and unreleased songs that didn’t make Watching Movies with the Sound Off, is out. On the project, Mac’s backed by his house band Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians from The Internet.

Noisey: There’s this stereotype that most rappers are better on record than they are in concert, so why do a live album?
Mac Miller: Because I wanted to show that stereotype was one hundred percent true and have both albums, so people would be like, “Okay, word.” [Pauses] That was a joke. But uh, no man, because I love performing and we have a show that’s different and it is good live and there’s maybe a couple songs where you can’t understand what I’m saying, like watching Lil B, because there’s too much screaming, but other than that, it breathes new life into the record.

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Mac Miller Explains That ‘Live From Space’ “Breathes New Life” Into His Music

When we first met Mac Miller he was a teenage rap machine whose concerns orbited around cutting school, partying and the Nikes on his feet, but the Pittsburgh prodigy has grown immensely since his 2010 break out mixtape K.I.D.S. (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Sh–).

Anyone unconvinced need look no further than Live From Space, Mac’s new live album which he released on Tuesday (December 17). The material for the 14-track LP was compiled from different stops on Mac’s 2012 The Space Migration Tour, where he showcased music mostly from his June 18 studio album Watching Movies With the Sound Off. During the run, Miller not only rapped, he showed off other facets of his musical self by playing the guitar, piano and drums.

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Stream Mac Miller’s New Album “Live From Space”

Today, Mac Miller has released his newest album, ‘Live From Space’, which features live audio recordings from The Space Migration Tour and 5 unreleased tracks. Now the album is available to stream below. What do you think of the album, hit us up @macmillersite and tell us what you think!

Mac Miller’s ‘Live From Space’ Is Out Now!

It is Tuesday, December 17th, and that means that Mac Miller has released another brand new album. This time the Pittsburgher takes some live cuts from his “Space Migration Tour” and releases it on itunes as, ‘Live From Space.’ These tracks are all musical masterpieces and feature Mac singing and rapping his vocals over The Internet’s live music.

Additionally, the album will include 5 Mac Miller tracks that are unreleased (and they’re really awesome tracks). This is the album that ever Machead will want to bump over the holiday break.

No physical copies will be sold of this project, but get your digital copy right now on itunes!

New Music: Mac Miller – Earth Ft Future

Set to drop at midnight is Mac Miller’s new album, ‘Live From Space’ featuring live recordings from The Space Migration tour. Additionally, 5 unreleased bonus tracks will be on the album, including this cut with Future entitled, “Earth.”

New Music: Mac Miller – The Star Room/Killin Time (Live)

Mac Miller liberates the first leak from his upcoming album, ‘Live From Space.‘ The cut features Mac performing “The Star Room/Killin Time” live with The Internet. Be sure to get the album when it drops on December 17th.

Breaking News: Mac Miller To Release “Live From Space” Album On December 17th

BREAKING NEWS! Just moments ago, Mac Miller took to twitter to announce that he will be releasing a new album, “Live From Space” on December 17th. The album will contain live recordings from his successful “Space Migration Tour” in which he toured with a band, The Internet.

As exciting as that sounds, the fun doesn’t stop with just audio clips from tour. Additionally, the album is set to contain 5 bonus tracks that didn’t make the final cut onto ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off.’ Those tracks being:

1. Eggs Aisle
2. Earth Ft Future
3. Life
4. Black Bush
5. In The Morning

Mac’s brother, Miller McCormik created the artwork, which is featured below. You can preorder the album on itunes now. No word yet on if physical copies will be available.

Remember a couple weeks ago, when no one believed our report about this project??

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