New Music: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Pinata feat Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko & Mac Miller

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib are ready to release their new album, ‘Pinata’ tomorrow. Here we get the title track, which serves as the close for the album. Featured on the track are a bunch of guests including standouts, Casey Veggies, Ab-Soul, & Mac Miller.


Casey Veggies – Can I Live Ft Mac Miller + Lyrics

Casey Veggies new album “Sleeping In Class” the deluxe edition was just released via itunes. As we have been waiting we now have the song “Can I Live” which features none other then Mac Miller! This one is dope, make sure you check out Casey Veggies on the Blue Slide Park tour which kicks off later this week!

can i live

Download:Casey Veggies – Can I Live Ft Mac Miller

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Casey Veggies – Sleeping In Class Deluxe Edition (Tracklist)

Casey Veggies is releasing his album “Sleeping In Class” the deluxe edition next week on the 20th via itunes. A quick look through the tracklist and you will find Mac Miller’s named featured on track #15 “Can I Live”. This should be a dope project, also look for Casey on Mac’s “Blue Slide Park” tour this fall!

casey veggies sleeping in class deluxe edition

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Mac Miller (with Casey Veggies) at Troubadour: Live Review

Rebecca Haithcoat
Mac, being (in his words) “a bad little Jew” (but not too bad–his mom was in the audience!)

Who: Mac Miller (and Casey Veggies)
Where: Troubadour
When: 1/14/2011

If the booming chorus of boys missing nary a syllable of “Nikes on My Feet” and the piercing squeals of girls weren’t evidence enough of Mac Miller’s demographic, his crowd check confirmed it. “How many of you guys go to school?” he asked. Thunderous shouts. “How many of you are happy you’re here, and not in school?” Deafening roar.

Rebecca Haithcoat
Tyler the Creator spins off into the crowd

After OFWGKTA’s Tyler the Creator had stormed around the stage like a Tasmanian devil, he and opening act Casey Veggies pulled teen-thin outstretched arms onto the stage to “cook” with them. The girls were more experienced as grinders than master chefs, and the bouncer standing next to me onstage said, “I’m scared to even look at those girls.” The doorman had checked my ID three times, holding it up to the light, passing it to another man for inspection. “You look like jailbait,” he said, handing it back. No, it’s just that every other girl there really was.

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