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Rocky Diamonds – Right Now Ft Mac Miller + Lyrics

Rocky Diamonds recruits Mac Miller for a dope verse and hook on his newest release “Right Now”. Supposedly Mac’s part was recorded around the time he dropped “K.I.D.S.”. Look for Rock Diamonds ‘The Diamond Life 2’ coming soon!

Download: Rocky Diamonds – Right Now Ft Mac Miller

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Rocky Diamonds – Right Now Ft Mac Miller Lyrics

do you remember when you was different from the man you are right now?
getting high in the car right now,
im just trying to ball right now
swear i want it all right now

[mac miller verse]
if it aint stuck in your head ill get the nail designs
delivery like the dude you get your mail from
happy shit have these bitches wag their tails
you can bet you never live if you never even failed once
takin over shit call me pilgrim
and now we got fans who wanna film him
to be honest its a little much to comprehend
cause everywhere i go they know they gotta let me in
stay humble though, my momma raised a gentlemen
told me be polite when you introduced to benjamin
but now im spending em, acting like the president
tryin to shake the world like im jumpin around some jelatin
and they think they temperpedic ima get it though best believe it
this the shit they shouldve kept in secret
fuck it, im gonna let you see it