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Pyrex Press – No Cook (Mixtape)

Over the past few years Pyrex Pre$$ and his Moola Gang crew have been making a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with in Southwest PA. His latest mixtape No Cook is just an appetizer for his full length album Hard, Medium, Soft, Or Slusshhyy coming later this year. The idea behind No Cook is 10 tracks of straight bars with no hooks, plus 3 bonus tracks, over all original production. The mixtape features guest appearances from Moola Gang members YD, Grimez, Kilz, as well as B. White of The 58’s and more. The production is handled mostly in-house by Moola Gang producers Kilz, YD, Louie Lee, Teazo, Super Geo with outside production from Cookin’ Soul, P. Fish, and Ghost Noises. Follow Pyrex Pre$$ on Twitter @PyrexPress and for all things Moola Gang visit

no cook

1.Intro (prod. Teazo)
2.Dyno Mite (prod. Kilz)
3.Fa$hion Cent$ (feat. YD) (prod. P. Fish)
4.Get Over (feat. BIZ) (prod. Louie Lee)
5.Heartbreak Kid (prod. Super Geo & Louie Lee)
6.Street Runners (feat. B. White) (prod. Cookin’ Soul)
7.Marma Duke (feat. Grimez) (prod. J Dubb)
8.Mexican Brown (feat. P FrmDaTribe) (prod. Ghost Noises)
9.Against The Wall (feat. YD) (prod. YD)
10.Young (feat Norm, J Vicious, Teazo, & KC) (prod. Teazo)
12.Food Chain (feay. Phly Boog) (prod. Louie Lee)
13.Bon Appetit (feat. YD Grimez) (prod. Kilz)
14.Cha$in Ca$h (feat. Q Money Kilz) (prod. Kilz)

Download: Pyrex Press – No Cook (Mixtape)