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Primavera Vills – Anti-Flu Anniversary (Mixtape)

The newest emcee coming out of Mac Miller’s Most Dope collective and REMember Music record label is Primavera Vills. In a recent article, the Pittsburgh City Paper hailed Vills as one of “Pittsburgh’s most gifted lyricists”. His diction is expansive, and loose references range from video games characters (ex.“Chun Li”) to legendary athletes (ex. “The Number 23”). Mix that with a flow and production style (yeah he produces too) that Vills describes in his own dialect as “TRAYB” and you have a sick project which we like to call “Anti-Flu Anniversary“. Features and production include Big Jerm, Lee Bannon, PLAN, Vinny Radio of The Come Up, Beedie, B. White and more.

Download: Primavera Vills – Anti-Flu Anniversary (Mixtape)