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Pittsburghers Celebrate “Mac Miller Day” By Bashing Mac & Hip-Hop

On Friday afternoon, Mac Miller received maybe his biggest honor yet when he was given a day in his honor and the key to the city of Pittsburgh, in a ceremony at his former high school, Taylor Allderdice. WPXI was all over the coverage and updated their Facebook page with pics and videos of the event throughout the day.

Instead of being happy a young man from Pittsburgh is making it big, just about everyone on the Facebook page started hating with ridiculous comments. This reaction was very similar to what went down last December when Wiz Khalifa got his day. The negativity from that day was so bad that i’m guessing that is why other local news outlets, like KDKA & WTAE, didn’t even pick up on this event.

What I decided to do was take screen shots of all the negative comments and explain how irrational people in this city can be sometimes. Check it out and hit us up @macmillersite with reaction!

Jen Colaizzi comes up with so many invalid points i’m not sure where to begin. They’re not bad role models, they’re not telling your kids to do anything wrong, Mac doesn’t even advertise drugs like that. I for one don’t smoke weed or do any kind of drugs, but I love their music…you know…the thing that REALLY matters. Volunteers firefighters, EMS workers and cops all get honored on the regular. Ever been to a parade in this city?? Just last week, on September 11th, numerous events were held honoring these locals. Let’s be honest, while they deserve all the respect and attention they receive, they work in such large teams that individual honors are very hard to plan and execute.


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Yes, Bobby Adams, the country is sinking solely because Mac Miller once did a couple drugs and makes rap music.

Mike DeBaker, yes they did do background checks before handing out a key to the city. They discovered that Mac Miller is a very talented artist and represents our city in a great light.

Jaclyn Antoinette Plower has no clue about Mac Miller’s work with Mac-A-Wish, but shh don’t tell her about the money that Mac has donated or the wish that he fulfilled. Wiz advertises weed to the fullest not Mac, Brian R. Kozera and Carolyn Marie Moore need to get that straight.

Carrie Zakrewski Baroni probably doesn’t listen to any music at all. Almost every artist has songs that we would deem “inappropriate”, including Pittsburgh’s precious band, The Clarks. Mac is an inspiration, to many of us, his music helps us get through the day and inspires us to make the most our of our lives.

Dear Krista Healey, if your’e so embarrassed to be a “Western Pennsylvanian” (if that’s even a real term) then just leave and move elsewhere.

Stacey Chulack is blind to the amazing amount of work that Children’s hospital does every year for “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.” In addition, earlier this year, 75 local cyclists rode 150 miles to help the cause.

Our embarrassed “Western Pennsylvanian” makes a return with another stupid comment. Krista Healey totally ignores the fact that Jackie Evancho has already received her own day. If Krista doesn’t celebrate “thank a police officer/firefighter day” everyday, then she needs to get her priorities straight. Mr. Rogers is a hero to this town and is celebrated regularly. He has a mural, a statue, a museum and probably a ton more. That’s not even mentioning “Fred Rogers Good Neighbor Day” celebrated each and every year.

Zachary Boso has never heard of Veterans Day. In fact Zachary, it’s coming up right around the corner on November 11th, so go and celebrate your heart out!

John Cassandro clearly doesn’t like entertainment, but probably wouldn’t complain if Troy Polamalu got his own day. Besides the Make-A-Wish efforts, Mac has touched and influenced many people in this city through his music. Mac & Wiz have single handedly put Pittsburgh into the spotlight when it comes to music. Through Mac showing off the city on TV and representing it in his music, tourists are more likely to come and visit, thus bringing revenue to the city. Local organizations are honored daily, you (like the rest of us) probably just don’t see it because those efforts don’t involve a celebrity or someone of high importance. If you’re embarrassed of this city move to Cleveland or something.

Sharon Jean doesn’t understand hiphop so I won’t go too in-depth about her. Mac does have real music talent and is learning more and more daily about music. Over the past year, Mac has played several instruments fabulously, most notably on his “You” ep.

Roy Birdsell, you sir are a shining and durable example of someone whose opinion doesn’t matter.

William Almes never heard of Mac, because he is deaf.

Tiffany Marie says she can name 10 people and doesn’t, then complains about Taylor Allderdice being a “crap school.” Obviously she graduated from a rival school and just wanted a reason to hate on Dice.

PJ Eck, going low is actually complaining about something like this that doesn’t effect you in anyway.


Rick Scholze, a thug?? really?? This is a perfect example of stereotypes in hiphop. Also, it was Pittsburgh City Councilman Ricky Burgess who did the ceremony, not mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

Brandi Taylor nails it!! So many people are complaining, because they didn’t get their shine. You do your work to pay bills and make your community better, it’s not about the recognition.

If you didn’t know, my buddy Barry Hefner works in the music industry. He gets it! This comment is the best on the whole thread.

Helga Smith claims to be a better person, but doesn’t make any notes of her accomplishments. If you are really a “better person” you shouldn’t care about being recognized, you instead should just focus on making the every day community a better place. This is a clear case of the jealousy that Pittsburgher’s always have toward one another. Mac’s 15 minutes has turned into like 3 years.

Oh god *face palm*…..

No Cory Hoebel, they’ll see this and think “wow, that guy just graduated from this very high school a few years ago and now he is rich and famous. It’s not impossible for me to follow my dreams and become successful.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Liz Rome knows nothing about the music industry. Mac was sued by Lord Finesse and Warm Speakers for not clearing samples. The Lord Finesse issue was settled and all Mac did was remix a song from one of his influences. In the case ‘Mac vs Warm Speakers’, Mac was sued for a sample on “Fuck Em All”, a track that he didn’t produce and was given to him. Hardly his own fault, if you knew anything about the industry you wouldn’t have said this statement at all.

It’s been fun to post about ridiculous people and respond to just some of the many haters found on WPXI’s Facebook. I just don’t understand the hate, why in Pittsburgh can’t we celebrate a young mans success instead? How much charity and community work do you really expect a 21 year old to do? When these people that are commenting were 21 they could’ve only dreamed to be in Mac’s shoes. Mac is still young and has a long career left ahead of him. Undoubtedly he will do more for this city than he’s already done, even though he’s done a lot already.