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Pharrell Calls Mac Miller A “Case Study”

In a recent interview with TheHollywoodReporter Pharrell Williams was asked about Mac Miller and stated that he was a “case study.” In addition Pharrell notes that the duo is almost done with their Pink Slime collaboration. So expect that to come sooner rather than later!

THR: It’s curious that you’d work with rapper Mac Miller, who doesn’t really have the respect of his peers. He charted by appealing to white college kids on social media.
Williams: Yeah, we’re almost done [with the album]. I like that he understands his pocket, his demographic. To me, it was a case study: I felt like a reporter going on a case, getting an understanding of his world. His skill set and acumen go hand-in-hand. That’s what interesting: When you’re listening to his songs, you’re listening to his business.

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