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Nick Pratt – Mac & Me Ft Mac Miller + Lyrics

Nick Pratt recruits Mac Miller for his new song “Mac & Me” which will appear on his upcoming street album ‘Middle Finger Music’. Mac’s verse sounds a few years old but it is dope nonetheless

mac and me

Download: Nick Pratt – Mac & Me Ft Mac Miller

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Nick Pratt – Mac & Me Ft Mac Miller Lyrics

Mac Miller Verse

Made to spit Macs slicker then Rick
And gettin numbers in my phone with the flick of a wrist
Trippin with spit, class needs to pick up his sticks
Hittin the spliffs filled to the tip with the Piff
Ain’t need a shit, ya you know it these folks are rap doses
Cream like hostess, skin color of a twinkie
Try to take over the world like I was Pinkie
Pinkie and the Brain and this drink says i’m insane
Don’t blink I’m in the game haters whispering my name
Ring bells like a ding, dong, ditch
And base hits with a king kong kick
I’m dropping a heavily, incredible legacy ahead of me
Weed and ectasy sends me to my destiny
Going in on Hennessey, I’m faded and gone
Playin the songs you never hear a dj put on
I bring it back like a replay, a relay so everybody’s clear
No he say, she say
Poetry from coast to sea
Fresh like potpurri, blowing trees
O’s & P’s all of ya’ll know its me