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Mac Miller’s Top 10 Moments Of 2012 (#3 & #4)

2012 has been an unbelievable year for Mac Miller and his MostDope crew. We decided to review the year and give you guys what we think were the top 10 Mac Miller moments of 2012. Each day leading up til the new year we will release two of our top ten moments. Today we give you moments #3 & #4.

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#4 November – Mac Miller Receives Gold Plaques For “Donald Trump” & “Knock, Knock”

In 2012 Mac Miller’s two biggest songs ever, “Donald Trump” and “Knock, Knock” both achieved RIAA Gold certification by selling 500k singles. Both tracks were originally released for free from Mac via mixtapes which makes this feat so incredible. In late November Mac and his MostDope crew received their official plaques for the singles success. These are just the first of many plaques that Mac will receive in his future.

Mac Miller's Gold Plaques

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Moment #3 after the break!

#3 August 4th – Mac Miller Performs In Front Of 20k+ In His Hometown

Serving as co-headliner with Wiz Khalifa on the Under The Influence Of Music Tour, Mac Miller performed in front of his hometown of Pittsburgh at the First Niagara Pavilion. This was so special because 20,000+ fans came out to fill out the venue which never sees crowds of that magnitude for hip-hop shows. With a cast on his hand and all Mac rocked an amazing performance which satisfied all in attendance. This was incredible to see since less than 2 years earlier Mac was hated on by many Pittsburghers when he opened for Wiz Khalifa at Stage AE.

Mac Miller Performs At First Niagra

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