Who is Mac Miller?

Mac MillerMac Miller is the future of music.”- Darrelle Revis Pro-Bowl footbal star from the New York Jets

“Now comes the 17-year-old Mac Miller who‟s been spending the last hot minute
carving out his own niche and establishing himself as one of PA‟s premier prospects on the
mic.” – XXL Magazine

“Pittsburgh‟s prodigal son returns with a mixtape that‟s as well-rounded as we ever
heard. The mic skills are there, the authenticity is there, and the fun is there too. It‟s just
really a matter of when not if Mac blows up.”- HIP HOP WEEKLY

“This fun-lovin’ Pittsburgh teenager seems pretty comfortable in his own skin, kinda like the kid you
remember from school that managed to be popular with every clique. Dude’s pretty good on the mic,
and he’s also pretty savvy: Hooking up with talented young filmmaker Ian Wolfson has made each of
Mac’s three videos considerably stronger than your average low-budget fare.” — Complex

“If Nas was a 17-18 year old white kid from Pittsburgh, he‟d be Mac Miller. I‟m impressed.
Thank God for Hip Hop.” – Mr. Peter Parker, popular internet and radio DJ.

“Mac is doing his thing. Be on the lookout for the new Pittsburgh talent.”- Wiz Khalifa

“Gotta make you proud of Pittsburgh hip hop. BAM!”– Mikey from “The Freak Show” the 1 Show on 96.1 KISS FM, Pittsburgh’s 1 Radio Station.

“So why did I pick the Mac Miller video? We had over 100 people submit music videos. The competition was tough! You could tell that the video director is an artist. The video had a 70’s feel to it. From the shots, to the logos, to the transitions. The whole girl with the umbrella theme that kept replaying throughout the video was dope. It wasn’t high budget, but it looked like it. Also, the song had an authentic feel to it. There was no frontin, nothing extra, just a guy trying to holla at a girl.” – DJ Vlad on Mac’s “Got a CLue” Video

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