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Mac Miller: The High Life

Although Hip-Hop culture may have thrived during the eighties, new age contributors have sparked a rebirth creating sub genres and setting trends. Amongst them is Mac Miller, nineties born with the soul of an old jazz musician. The recent high-school graduate has impressive accolades that many music vets wish for.

Appearing on the infamous XXL Freshman cover is just one of many reasons Miller has been buzzing amongst crowds of Hip-Hop’ers and hipsters. Putting in major work since the 2007 release of Mackin’ Ain’t Easy, this newcomer is a proven force to be reckoned with. Mac Miller undoubtedly one of the most dope MCs in his age bracket and beyond and after a short phone conversation with the man himself, I too am a believer.

Hit the jump for the full Mac Miller interview with How old were you when you started rapping?

Mac Miller: I started messing around rapping when I was 8 or 9 because I was doing all different types of music and writing all different types of music and I was rapping a little bit and I was making weird songs when I was 8. I was real interested in Beatles, Jack Johnson type music, but I would rap over it, too. When I got into high school, I was 14, I started free-styling all the time. I stopped going out and s**tand we kind of kicked it in my one homie’s attic and we just smoked weed all day and rapped to pass time and to kick it and sharpen those lyrical skills and what not. When I was 15 I started going hard and laying down music on record and writing and really being dedicated on trying to get myself out there. When I was 15 I put out a mixtape and I did little YouTube videos of me rapping in front of the computer and everything I could do to try and get myself out there. You attained a lot of success at a young age; do you feel like you missed out on any part of your youth and your childhood?

Mac Miller: I feel like “missed out” is kind of like, it’s not like a negative thing, but I definitely feel like my childhood and growing up and everything changed a lot because I became so focused on doing this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way obviously. I definitely didn’t do a lot of s**tthat a lot of kids my age were doing like the every weekend high school parties and school drama and worrying about homework and finals and trying to get into college. That aspect of life was never really a part of mine. I was more like f*ck it whatever happens happens; I’m just going to sit here and make music all day. What would you say was your proudest moment musically?

Mac Miller: I think this tour has been such a proud thing for me. To have such a huge headlining tour at least huge for myself; I don’t know what standards other people would say but it’s been pretty successful. We’ve sold out across the country. It’s just kind of wild to add everything up and to see how many people are really supporters. I’ve done shows a lot. When I was younger I used to do a lot of shows for 10 people, like not even anyone there. I used to do shows where no one gave a f*ck about me or anything, but now that I see that I have kids that really want me to succeed and really support everything I do and really are fans. They know all the words and at the end of my shows I turn on all the lights in the crowd so I can see everyone’s face and just talk to them for a little bit and it’s cool to look out and see people that are really listening and really feel what I have to say and it’s not just on some “Oh he has a hot song, I’m going to come out and go to a show,” but they really want to hear what I have to say. How do you feel about the XXL 2011 freshman cover?

Mac Miller: It’s a huge honor. It’s wild. It’s something that I’ve always wanted. It’s something that I’ve always was like, “Man I hope one day I’ll be on that cover.” Since they started doing the freshman I was like “Man I got to somehow be on that.” The whole experience and just to get there and to see how everything works and meet everybody and having everything be so cool –it’s wild to me. It’s kind of like shocking and it’s great because I’m on the freshmen cover so people see that I’m serious and it’s a great way to say f**k you to everyone who didn’t believe that I was going to do anything. People back home that know me personally that thought (when I was taking it seriously) I was an idiot and was like, “Oh you’re so dumb. What are you doing? Go to school.” It’s great to bring this magazine out and show them that I’m on the cover and be like “Yeah, f*ck you.” It’s an honor. XXL they’re all great people and the magazine is so prestigious and to be on the cover of it is a dream come true. Beside the tour what are you working on right now?

Mac Miller: Touring is taking up pretty much 97% of my life and the other 3% I’m just making new music, getting in the lab with people, collaborating with different people, working on the next project. I got Best Day Ever which is a free album that came out March 11, so that’s going to be a great day to put some new music out for my fans and for people who might just be finding out who I am. To show them the next step from K.I.D.S. where I’m taking everything. I got a bunch of projects I’m trying to do after that. I’ve just been making so much music at any time I can that I need to try and get it all out. Me and Jazzy Jeff are going to do something cool and then I have something coming on iTunes me, E. Dan and Big Jerm. This is ID Labs. We all do production. We’re doing a self-produced EP called Can I see Your ID. That should be coming out soon, too. So there’s a bunch of new music coming out. What are you going to bring me back from Canada?

Mac Miller: No weed, I’ll tell you that much because I’ll get my ass thrown in jail if I try to bring some weed back, but I got this awesome Canadian flag that someone gave me at this meet and greet yesterday and it’s the Canadian flag but instead of the maple leaf it’s a big weed leaf. It’s hilarious. I was in Toronto last night and I held it up during the show and they went crazy. I’m actually trying to bring back various Canadian items. I got Canadian cigarettes, Canadian clothes. Everywhere I go I try to hold on to something that’s from there. Like if I’m in a random city I try to get a random tee-shirt that has the city on it just to be able to look at everywhere I’ve been. I’ve never traveled this much in my life. I haven’t been in the same place for more than 24 hours in a long time.