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Mac Miller – The Grow Op + Lyrics

Here is a track off of TreeJay’s newest mixtape ‘The Grow Op’ which just dropped a few moments ago. This track features Mac Miller and is entitled ‘The Grow Op‘. A real chill song for you all to smoke to!

Download: Mac Miller – The Grow Op

lyrics after the jump

Mac Miller – The Grow Op Lyrics

Uh, uh, yeah
Still blowing trees like a hurricane
And I knock a pussy out with my herbal strain
Have em fast asleep, look at them laughing like passed that weed.
Haven’t made a weed song in a minute though
Cause I’ve been doing dough, now it’s time to getting smoke
Have her mother fucking high on her tippy toes
A zip, a O, now you’re smoking with a pro.
So what you know about that?
You smoke weed, what you know about wax
Aha, cooking it up
At the airport tsa looking at us
You used to smoke that dirt. couldn’t adjust
When you had to hit that kush
you were used to the bush like W. George
Come with this killer and I promise it’s gonna end sitting in the morgue
MostDope blow the most smoke that’s a fact, bitch
Plus i have sex with my blunt that’s a fat bitch!
Why you’re smoking on that rap shit?
Why you even have it?
Pillow type weed on my mattress
You’re now smoking with TreeJay, Clockwork the DJ
Smoking another after that, replay
MostDope mother fucker is to grow up
My weed stinking like Justin, with no socks
Yeah, I’mma show off probably has em mad as fuck
I’ll give em bars and Bugs Bunny, and Duffy Duck
What you’re looking at, mother fucker?
Pass the blunt!
Lucky ass bitch video, wheres the cut, cut, cut, cut
Like a athy dough, these other crew smoke less than a navy though
Find me smoking blunts with Fran & Vinny Radio
Thats the come up, smoke until the sun is up
Light another blunt! Yeah mother fucker is the grow op!