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Mac Miller Talks Mixtapes and Critics With MTV News

20-year old Pittsburg-area rapper Mac Miller has slowly made a name for himself in the tight-knit rap community. After releasing his debut album Blue Slide Park in November (and it taking the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, the first independent-album to do so) fans were desperate for more; and did he ever deliver. On Friday March 26th, Mac posted his newest offering – a mixtape called Macadelic, for free download on his website.

MTV News recently had the chance to catch up with the young MC and talk music, bad reviews, and saying what is on his “f*cking mind”.

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“Yeah man, Macadelic is a mixtape and it’s a lot different then anything I’ve ever done,” he says. “In my past projects I always thought about them a lot, but people were always like ‘Where are the party jams?’, or ‘Where are the jams that are fun?’, I was trying to make a complete project, you know? But in this project all I wanted to do was say what was on my mind, and for the first time I think I did a project where I didn’t worry about if it was going to be played in a party, or be good for this situation, or that one.”

Had there been a worry in the past of trying to make sure his music fits in certain places? he says: “I just worried about what I wanted to say, and there are a lot of things I want to get off my chest, and this mixtape was the way to do it.”

So, what did he want to get off his chest?

“I didn’t have the best reviews on a lot of things, and I speak on that, I talk about that,” he says on the reviews for his debut album. “I’m not going to act like a superhero and act like that shit doesn’t bother me, of course it bothered me, so for the first time, with Macadelic, I just said f*ck it, and really just said what was in my head; really just talked.”