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Mac Miller Takes Over Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center (Concert Review)

Last year Mac Miller performed at Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center while opening for Wiz Khalifa. On Tuesday April 4th, Mac Miller headlined his first show at the Bryce Jordan Center by taking his ‘Macadelic’ tour to Penn State. After being personally invited by Mac Miller himself, my friends and I were backstage for an amazing experience that we’ll never forget. Continue reading below to hear about our journey, as well as numerous pics, vids and the setlist.

mac miller penn state

At around 7 pm we had arrived at The Bryce Jordan Center when hundreds of fans were already waiting to get inside. When I got to will call to get my tickets I was shocked & pleased to find that my tickets came with All Access passes which I found could get me anywhere in the venue.

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Once we finally made our way in, my friends and I had walked around backstage aimlessly for a couple minutes before DJ Clockwork showed us around a bit. After chilling in the green room for awhile Mac Miller and his manager Q made their way into the room. This was the first time that I got to meet Mac, after exchanging handshakes and a few words Mac made his way back to his dressing room.

At approximately 8 pm The Come Up were about to hit the stage, at around the 3:05 mark of the video below you can see Mac cheering the guys on

You can also spot us around the 3:10 mark of that video

macadelic infomercial

The Come Up played a killer set in front of the large crowd. Songs they played included ‘Smipsy’, ‘The Formula’, ‘Victory Chants’ and many more. These guys really did put a heck of show, the way that Vinny Radio and Franchise gel with each other is something special. Look for plenty of greatness coming from them with their new album ‘Change Of Plans’ dropping soon! Below is a video of the duo that I took from the side stage.

After their set my friends and I headed backstage once again, this time we headed into Mac’s room with the MostDope crew where we chilled for an hour or so. During this time we met and talked with various people in the room. Most of the time was spent with the guys just making jokes and clowning around, creating a very chill environment.

One of the highlights of the night came around 9:35 right before Mac was scheduled to take the stage. At this time he gathered everyone in the room and had us all shoulder to shoulder as he recited a prayer where he thanked god for his family, friends, fans and more.

Now it was showtime! We were lead with a group of a people to a small VIP area in the middle of the floor where we had a beautiful view of the show. After a few minutes the song ‘English Lane’ started playing and the visuals lite up with videos taken from the actual ‘Blue Slide Park’.


After ‘English Lane’ was over Mac finally took the stage with his hypeman Treejay. The duo started things off by performing ‘Blue Slide Park’. The graphics in the background displayed different variations of the “Blue Slide Park” album cover which you can see below.

Mac and company kept the energy flowing by performing some of his popular upbeat songs including the hit ‘Party On 5th Ave’ and ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’.

Mac kept the crowd alive by performing a couple cuts off “Blue Slide Park” before the place exploded to the tune of ‘Knock, Knock’.

After the completion of this song Mac left the stage while once again the video boards lite up. This time the audience was greeted by the old man shown in the ‘Loud’ music video.

macadelic man

He introduced us all to ‘Macadelic’ which lead right into a crazy performance of ‘Loud’ where the mushrooms props were revealed.

Following ‘Loud’ several more songs off “Macadelic” played including ‘Thoughts From A Balcony’ and ‘1 Threw 8’.

One of the best performances of the night came when they beat dropped for ‘Ignorant’ and Mac & TreeJay had the crowd going insane.

Next was time for the always fun performance of ‘All Around The World’ which turned the show into a party.

Mac slowed things down for a bit with ‘Best Day Ever’. For this song the video boards were really incredible because it showed several clips of Mac’s childhood including the clip from the beginning of the music video.

At the completion of this song Mac had the crowd keep a rhythm for him by clapping while he rapped an acapella version of ‘Of The Soul’. The party atmosphere started again with electric performances of ‘Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza’ and ‘The Spins’ which both appeared on the “K.I.D.S.” mixtape.

Slowing things down once more, Mac starting getting ‘trippy’ with his song ‘Angels’ where he raps about loving girls. This is one of the songs from that Mac Miller that fans seem to directly connect with what he is saying.

The songs ‘Nikes On My Feet’ and ‘Diamonds & Gold’ followed up before the party got crackin once again with the new club anthem ‘Lucky Ass Bitch’.

The closing section of Mac’s show was formed of several singles off of the “Blue Slide Park” album. ‘Frick Park Market’ kept the party alive before we heard a serious side of the MC with the track ‘Missed Calls’.

Mac exited the show by performing a couple songs dedicated to everyone who has ever hated on him with ‘Smile Back’ and ‘Fuck Em All’.

After Mac left the stage the fans became rowdy and it was time for an encore. Mac excited the crowd by performing ‘One Last Thing’ and left the fans going nuts with an incredible performance of his biggest hit to date, ‘Donald Trump’. “LOOOOUUUUUDDDDEEEEERRRRRR”

After the show I headed back into his room and was able to get some pictures with the guys which you can see below:

Beedie & I:


TreeJay & I:


Mac Miller & I:

mac miller

“Macadelic” is something that everyone needs to experience. Mac has described the tape and tour together as an experience for the listener. You don’t have to love Mac’s music or “Macadelic” to enjoy this tour. Anyone with a love for music can enjoy it. With a tour like this you can see how the artist has grown over the past year or two. MostDope is here now and it will be a force for a very long time.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone in MostDope and everyone involved with this tour. Everyone that I talked to on Tuesday was cool with me and down to earth, for that I am very grateful. MOSTDOPE!

Macadelic Tour Setlist:

English Lane
Blue Slide Park
Party On 5th Ave
Don’t Mind If I Do
My Team
Knock, Knock
Thoughts From A Balcony
1 Threw 8
All Around The World
Best Day Ever
Of The Soul
Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza
The Spins
Nikes On My Feet
Diamonds & Gold
Lucky Ass Bitch
Frick Park Market
Missed Calls
Smile Back
Fuck Em All
One Last Thing
Donald Trump