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Mac Miller Takes His Hometown To Blue Slide Park

Last night Mac Miller came home to his city of Pittsburgh to put on a memorable show. Mac performed in front of over 2400 fans as he headlined his first big show in the city. I (@pitpanther01) was on hand to collect some pictures, videos, and the entire setlist from Mac Miller’s performance.

mac miller blue slide park tour pittsburgh

Full recap of last nights show after the jump including videos & setlist

The show began with an explosive set from Pittsburgh’s rap duo, The Come Up. They got the crowd rowdy early by playing cuts off their “In Good Hands” mixtape. It was a great to see these guys rocking a crowd in their own city in front of so many people. Look for plenty of great things coming from these guys in the near future.

come up

The energy continued to build as Casey Veggies made his way to the stage. His set was filled with mostly songs that can be found on his “Sleeping In Class” album. The crowd responded most to him when he performed his singles “Ridin’ Round Town” and “I Be Over Shit”.

During a brief intermission DJ Dom Beets, who was served as the DJ for Casey Veggies and Pac Div, played a nice set. His set included many Wiz Khalifa songs to get the hometown crowd into it, including “On My Level”, “Rich People” and “Taylor Gang”. He didn’t just play Wiz though, he also played Big Sean’s “A$$” and “Marvin & Chardonnay”, DJ Khaled’s “Im On One”, Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “N*ggaz In Paris” and Waka Flocka’s “Grove St Party” just to name a few.

Pac Div closed out the opening acts by giving a performance full of hard lyrics. This California trio performed a variety songs that they have released over the years including the popular singles “Anti-Freeze” and “Shut Up”. Pac Div left the stage after performing their song “Mayor”. This lead the way for Mac Miller to finally take the stage.

After a couple hours of waiting we now got the moment we were all waiting for. The curtains opened up as Mac’s song “Best Day Ever” played in the background before he came on stage and performed “Get Up”. Mac entered the stage wearing a beanie and a crazy sweater that read ‘1956 Stockholm’ and had the Olympic rings on it.

mac miller enters teh stage

This lead into Mac performing several songs off the ‘K.I.D.S.’ mixtape including “Ride Around”, “Don’t Mind If I Do” and “The Spins”. This was a great and energetic way to start the show especially with the madness that was the “Don’t Mind If I Do” performance where people were just jumping and going crazy.

Mac kept the energy going and performed several of his popular mixtape songs including “Oy Vey”, “I’ll Be There” and “Nikes On My Feet”.

“Senior Skip Day” made for an interesting performance as Mac had the crowd waving its hands. Stage AE was rockin when Mac Miller & TreeJay jumped and danced around the stage to the tune of “Knock, Knock”. This song lead nicely into yet another song off ‘K.I.D.S’, “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza”.

With the whole place jumping and going insane Mac settled down the crowd a bit by doing his always entertaining guitar set. Mac first covered Sublime’s classic hit song “Santeria” followed by Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend”. These covers built up to the performance for “Another Night” where Mac rapped into a mic while playing a guitar like the true rock star that he is. Before putting the guitar away for the night Mac showed off his skills and played a medley over his head.

The biggest part of the night came next as Mac Miller brought out a check for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Mac Miller did not get 50k preorders, which he promised that if he did he would donate $50,000 to Make-A-Wish. However, since he sold over 50k albums he still made the nice gesture and donated the money live on stage.

Next up was the performance of a couple cuts off ‘Best Day Ever’ including the “BDE Bonus” and “In The Air”. Before getting into the main course of his show, Mac performed “Poppy”. This song is an ode to his deceased grandfather and it is always emotional to see him perform this.

Now it was time for nothing but songs off his debut album ‘Blue Slide Park’. Mac Miller had left the stage as “English Lane” was playing only to return wearing a throwback Pittsburgh Pirates snapback and a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. He then got the crowd rageing again with a great performance of the titled track, “Blue Slide Park”.

mac miller pirates

Mac kept the energy flowing as he performed his single “Party On 5th Ave”. He followed that with performances of “Under The Weather” and “Loitering”. “Loitering” was one of my favorite performances of the night as cop lights went off at the end of the song and Mac and Treejay went to the ground like the lyrics say, “Cops coming, mother fucker stay down”.

Next up Mac showed off his MostDope crew by bringing them out for “My Team”. “Smile Back” was an epic performance that had Stage AE bouncing again. Mac messed up the words a bit at the end of this song but we’ll excuse him this time. To follow up that song, Treejay and all the MostDope crew had then left the stage so that Mac Miller could perform “Missed Calls” by himself.

Mac Miller closed out his show with “Man In The Hat” and his hit single “Frick Park Market”. It was amazing to hear him performing “Frick Park Market” in his own city and at this point the crowd was at it’s best. Mac left the stage after this performance but everyone there knew he wasn’t gonna leave his hometown crowd without giving an encore.

Mac and company returned to the stage to perform “Donald Trump” where the crowd went bonkers and people were getting pushed and shoved everywhere. Instead of leaving the stage after this as he normally does, Mac performed an acapella version of “One Last Thing”, the outro track on ‘Blue Slide Park’. Mac had one more thing he wanted to say before he left the stage. He then starting singing “Here We Go Steelers”, a popular chant at all Steelers games. The Steelers were coming off a win against the Cleveland Browns the night before and many of the players were in attendance.

Pittsburgh waited a long time for the “Blue Slide Park Tour” to visit Mac’s hometown but it was surely worth the wait. It was a great concert and well worth the admission. Hopefully Mac has another show for us locals in the near future!

Best Day Ever
Get Up
Ride Around
Don’t Mind If I Do
The Spins
Oy Vey
I’ll Be There
Nikes On My Feet
Senior Skip Day
Knock, Knock
Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza
Guitar set: Sublime – Santeria
Biz Markie – Just a Friend
Played Another Night on guitar

Mac donated $50k to make-a-wish
BDE Bonus
In The Air
English Lane
Blue Slide Park
Party On 5th Ave
Under The Wheater
My Team
Smile Back
Missed Calls
Man In The Hat
Frick Park Market

Donald Trump
One Last Thing
Here We Go Steelers chants!

Other Notes:
*Shoutsout to Artie for hooking me up with a ticket!
*It was cool meeting Willy Whips last night
*Thanks to my friend @tripbeautito for some cool videos.