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Mac Miller – Speaking In Tungs Freestyle + lyrics

Mac Miller spits a nasty freestyle over Cam’ron & Vado’s song “Speaking In Tungs”. He did the freestyle on the spot during the Sirius Femme Fatale mix show. Check it out!

Download:Mac Miller – Speaking In Tungs Freestyle

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Mac Miller – Speaking In Tungs Freestyle Lyrics

Hey yo I remember back then when a meal was a lunchable equipped with some uncrustables and hats were ajustable
doing what i love to do, music im in love with you
nothing new hustle move tryna make a buck or two
i grab a hoe off the list got a bunch to choose
they just some fuckables but some really in love with you
blowin up my phone why you buggin boo
just wait at home ima come to you
cause its work now pleasure after this the only thing that matters
clever rappers heads will shatter, guaranteed i want it badder
then anyone doing, moving it with a purpose here
this my moutherfucking year thats for certain yeah
if you doubting boy im finna blow
and if you didnt now you finna know
illa flow rocking lee vis sitting low, sippin something with your hoe
hitttin on her tippy toes have her singing opera, high notes figero
drunk as hell off this liquor but im in control
so to my opponent how you wanna do this?
blood, sweat, and tears in this music ive been through this
no jay-z working on these blueprints
trying to get my shit together getting too rich
and these haters in my ear like a cue tip
the sound of pennies on the ground call the cool kids
ayo my music got a substance like a drug do
chemical reaction speakers kick it like kung foo
so what you up to, kick it with the kid
turn the system up and come and kick it with the kid