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Mac Miller ready to take over world with ‘Best Day Ever’

mac miller ready to take over world

Mac Miller promised the kids that 3-11-11 would be the “Best Day Ever” and he delivered on that around 10 p.m. EST time, turning up on Ustream to release the new album by that title.

It’s a slightly different approach than just having the distributor ship the records to the store for the opening on a Tuesday.

Wearing a San Jose Sharks cap he copped from a fan, the 19-year-old Burgh rapper got in front of the camera before an audience of about 22,000 on Ustream to announce that the link for downloading was up on

All for free…

“I hope I don’t beak the Internet,” he joked, “I like the Internet.”

The Internet was OK, but his site did crash right away and needed to be revived and they had to re-up the album with a song that was missing. According to his Rostrum Records publicist, Arthur Pitt, they did more than 200,000 downloads over the weekend.

Too bad he couldn’t cash in a little on it, because “Best Day Ever” is free is too small a price for work this good.

The beats, mostly from ID Labs, glide along warm, smooth, soulful and old school (think the Roots?) with some nice, snaky basslines and synth play. Miller tops it with his fast, fluid and funny raps, “sweeter than a Krispy Kreme,” ranging from the rap life (“Get Up!”) to the party life (“Wake Up”) to the rare mother-son life (“Oy Vey,” “I’ll Be There”). Is there another rap song with a chorus like “oy vey, holy cow, oh my god, wow”?

The chamber-rap joint with Wiz Khalifa, “Keep Floatin’,” is so chill and hazy you might get a contact high just listening to it. “I bring some color to this world that’s filled with shades of gray,” Miller rightly declares.

The highlight still has to be “Donald Trump,” the thumping single with the sharpest hook that already has 1.5 million hits. “We gonna take over the world/while these haters gettin’ mad,” he raps on that one.

Mac Miller — a Jewish rapper from the Hill… Squirrel Hill — might not be a candidate for a world takeover, but he’s got a nice little chunk of the world right now, and it’s spreading fast.

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