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Mac Miller Predicts Hometown Steelers To Win Super Bowl XLVI

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the NFL playoffs and Mac Miller is feeling confident in his Pittsburgh Steelers. Recently he spoke to Billboard about the team and predicts that they will hoist the Lombardi trophy and become Super Bowl XLVI champions. The Journey for the Steelers begins this Sunday in Denver at 4:30 est. Here We GO STEELERS!!

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Billboard: It’s been a little bit of an up-and-down year for the Steelers.

Miller: I’m just glad to be in the playoffs. We went through everything that a team can go through, but we’re about to turn it all the way up in the playoffs.

So you’re pretty confident going up against Tim Tebow and the Broncos this weekend?

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My whole thing is that, when the Steelers come to play, there’s not a team in the NFL that can beat them. Everybody knows that, if the Steelers play Steelers football, they’re unstoppable.

Are you concerned at all about the injuries to Roethlisberger?

Ben can play through anything. Ben would f–king play if his nose was on the other side of his face. Ben is fine — that’s f–king Big Ben, dude. In the NFL, you’re always playing hurt, regardless. It’s sad that [injured safety] Ryan Clark’s not gonna be there — he’s a valuable piece to our defense, but it’s obvious that he shouldn’t be there.

I’m excited to play the Broncos. I’m excited to play Tim Tebow and see what happens. I want to see James Harrison just f–king light him up a couple times. I’m just excited for the playoffs.

Is there any team in the AFC that you’re afraid of? The Patriots have the No. 1 seed, and the Ravens beat the Steelers twice this year.

We need to play the Ravens, because there’s no way we’re getting beat three times by the Ravens — it’s too personal for that. My production people on the tour are from Baltimore, so they’re Ravens fans, and it was hard for me to sit with them and lose like that. With the Ravens, it’s more than just the game, and I can’t see the Steelers taking another L from the Ravens at this point. We want to play the Ravens; we’re hungry for the Ravens.

And the Patriots, that’s always a fierce game, and it was great to beat them this year. Beating them twice this year would be awesome. I just have a good feeling — you turn on the playoffs, and we’re coming back from a disappointing Super Bowl, and I’m sure everyone just wants to get right back there. I know Hines Ward definitely wants to win another Super Bowl in his career, so this year should be the one.

So that’s what you’re thinking — Super Bowl or bust for these guys?

I am thinking a Steelers’ Super Bowl, but how I cannot? That’s my squad through everything. The Steelers are more than a football team for the city of Pittsburgh. But I actually do believe it. We’re no rookie in the playoffs; we’re used to the atmosphere, and we’re gonna turn it up again.