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Mac Miller – Pranks 4 Players Ft Sir Michael Rocks + Lyrics

Here is track #6 “Pranks 4 Players” Ft Sir Michael Rocks off of Mac Miller’s latest mixtape “I Love Life, Thank You”. Make sure you go get Blue Slide Park in stores on November 8th!!

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Mac Miller – Pranks 4 Players Ft Sir Michael Rocks Lyrics

it go rock a bye baby, what i found fuckin with my butterflied lady
in the back seat of the cedes in that salene
something that i copped made in the 80s
iv been lost inside this puzzle reararrging keep on sayin im a god damn fool
told me quit playin im like no can do
been through this bullshit acting foolish as a dude thats hit with cupids doing
music is the key to everything i keep prusing
bitches used to the friend thing now they ask me what im doing
try to give me head before the show go while im interviewing
with a student newspaper maybe with the radio
curb your enthusiem hold to Larry David’s show
its something that we probably watching while we be getting high
step aside if anyone thinks they lookin fresh as i am
with my daiy bread hoodie and a floor hat
this shit these rappers talkin about im gettin bored of that

this or that, and a wiffle ball bat
make a million dollars and i give it all back
these rappers talkin shit when there shit is all wack
ya i said it on wax