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Mac Miller – Of The Soul Remix Ft Posdnous & Raekwon + Lyrics

As promised, here is the much anticipated remix to Mac Miller’s popular track “Of The Soul”. This track features a couple og’s including Posdnous (of De La Soul) as well as Raekwon. This remix is straight fire and really gives you that old school hiphop vibe that will take you back to the 90s.

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lyrics after the break

Mac Miller – Of The Soul Remix Ft Posdnous & Raekwon Lyrics

[Verse 3: Mac Miller]
uh, me Pos and Ray and molopoly hit the lottery
buyin clothes losin’ closet space
Wu Tang, De La and Most Dope
so cold know I’m bout to blow my flow’s coat
deliver the rap with signs of bringin it back to the golden age
so amazed how I go unfocused I could flow for days
overcame a load of pain smokin on that novocaine
love and hate tend to fluctuate like it’s Oprah’s weight
motivated off of loads of hatred, yeah they mad at me
game set match motha fucka Mac Agassi
you ain’t in my tax bracket homie do work
rappin about as Zach Galifianakis needs two ferns
but all i need is some Marley lean and the tallest trees
let my dick show like im rockin Collie’s jeans
that’s somethin for the homies you gon follow me
plus I’m on that Wu Tang rockin these wallabies
i bomb atomically but you already heard that
wanna be like killer in a mink coat and fur hat
pure rap with a new way to be real
word to Cypress Hill new rappers don’t need deals
fuck a gun, bullets spray my speech kill
plus my money tall, just to reach it you need stilts
I was all young and coming through and comin through on a three wheel
now I’m a mother fuckin drug here’s a free pill
go head try it out
have you cryin loud
X Factor I’m Simon Cowell, you Private Powell
So kill youreself boy you’re Vincent Dinario
Full Metal Jacket bitch lock and load

[Hook] x2
Got some soul like De La do, they say I’m new
It’s nothing but some deja-vu
Everywhere you go these people hate on you
Deja-vu, deja-vu