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Mac Miller Mixtapes

But My Mackin Aint Easy
J’s On My Feet
Barz 4 Dayz
Take Me To Paradise (Feat.Teressa LaGamba)
Get Mine’s
Gotta Make Money
Smoke Signials (Feat.John Records)
Come Around (Feat.B.DuBB)
Im In Love With This Bud (Feat.Young Brody)

The Jukebox: Prelude To Class Clown
Sound Like
Barz 4 Dayz
PA Hustla
What Up Cousin (R.I.P. Nick)
Got A Clue
Get It On The Floor
Late Night
Swing Set
Love My Name (feat. John Record)
Snap Back
J’s On My Feet
On Some Real Shit (100,000 Bars)
The Chow Line (feat. Beedie & Max B)
A Night In The Studio
My Lady
Comin’ Soon (feat. John Record)
Keep Me Alive
So Far To Go
*Bonus: Keep It Rollin’

The High Life Playlist
The High Life
Ridin’ High
Musical Chairs
Live Free
5 O’Clock (feat. Boaz)
Jerome Weinberg Speaks (Interlude)
Class President
A Million Dollars
I’m Ready
Fly in Her Nikes (feat. Josh Everette)
The Finer Things
Travellin’ Man ’09
Cruise Control (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
One Of A Kind
Foolin’ Around
Castle Made Of Sand
Just My Imagination
Another Night
Thanks For Coming Out
*Bonus: Pen Game (feat. Skyzoo)

Sour Hour Playlist
Mac Miller – So Gone (Prod. Big Jerm)
B. White & Mayo Feat. Mac Miller – Mary Jane (Prod. Johnny Juliano)
Boaz – California Sunshine Freestyle
Franchise – Haze (Prod. Big Jerm)
Mac Miller – Crumblin’ Erb Freestyle
Tip Tha Ill-Spit – Blow (Prod. Uncle Ruck)
Vintage Radio – That Music (Prod. Big Jerm)
Lay Lanskey – Smokin’ Freestyle
Mac Miller – Flying Away (Prod. Cardo)
Franchise – Ride Out (Prod. Icemann)
Chevy Woods – Smoking Gun Freestyle
Mayo Feat. Vintage Radio – Keepin’ It Funky (Prod. Git Beats)
Tip Tha Ill-Spit – Haze Heads
BZE – Get High Freestyle
Mac Miller – Lost (Prod. J. Stylez
Mac Miller – Blunt Of My Mind (Prod. Soul Theory)
Dee Goodz & Mac Miller – Doobie Ashtray 2K10
Bill The Kid & Mac Miller – Feeling Is Gone (Prod. YD)
*Bonus: Mac Miller – Miley Cyrus

K.I.D.S. Playlist
Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit
Get ‘Em Up
Nikes On My Feet
Senior Skip Day
The Spins
Traffic In The Sky
Don’t Mind If I Do
Paper Route (feat. Chevy Woods)
Good Evening
Ride Around
Knock Knock
Mad Flava, Heavy Flow (Interlude) (feat. DJ Bonics)
Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza
All I Want Is You
Face In The Crowd
*Bonus: La La La