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Mac Miller Knows He’s ‘Really Makin It’ Thanks To Krispy Kreme

Internet sensations come and go, sometimes with no rhyme or reason. Though they may be elementary, rapper Krispy Kreme has rhymes; it’s the reasoning behind “The Baddest,” his viral video that has folks scratching their heads.

The clip has amassed more than a million views on YouTube since the end of April. In it, Kreme raps in his basement, bragging of his street cred and sexual prowess, all while brandishing a fake pistol. His partner, Money Maker Mike, doesn’t say a word; instead he just stares into the camera, holding a pellet rifle, wearing a light blue Mac Miller T-shirt.

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When MTV News caught up with Mac Miller, we asked what he thought of the clip he makes a sort of cameo in.

“I don’t know, but that sh– is hilarious though,” he said. “That’s my artist. Sike, I’m just playin’.

“I don’t know if he’s serious or not, but the dude with the Mac Miller shirt on has the rifle from ‘A Christmas Story’ aimed at the camera all the time and that was tight,” Mac said hours before he performed at the Bamboozle Music Festival on May 18.

Clearly a parody, a snot-nosed Kreme taunts, “I bet I got more money than Jay-Z/ Compared to me Jay-Z is lazy/ Plus Beyonc— thinks that I’m cute/ It’s OK, Beyonc—, I think you’re cute too.”

Krispy’s second video, “Haters Wanna Be Me” features more of the same tomfoolery. “I been shot about 500 times and I’ve done about one million crimes,” he spits in a slow, amateur drawl.

Once again Money Maker Mike appears in that same Mac Miller tee. “That type of sh– is cool to me because I’m like, ‘Man I’m really makin’ it when random big videos on YouTube, they’re wearing my clothes,” the Blue Slide Park MC said. “That’s hella promotion for my clothes.”