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Mac Miller In Inked Mag

Over the past few years Mac Miller has definitely done his fair share of “inking”. Recently he appeared in Inked Mag and gave them a nice little interview where he explains his tats. Read below for more!

mac miller inked mag

The hottest rapper on the block talks about collaborating with his heroes on rhymes and with legendary tattoo artists on designs.

Not many artists can say they’ve had a number one album, let alone a number one debut album, without the support of a major label. But Mac Miller can. Last year, Miller, who looks more like the pot smoker next door than a chart-topping MC, destroyed all the competition with Blue Side Park. While the world awaits a follow-up—due in the first quarter of 2013—Miller is also working on Pink Slime, a collaborative EP with the Neptunes super-producer Pharrell Williams, and planning to get more tattoos on his compact frame. Since his first big splash, with mix tape K.I.D.S., the Steel City boy has been promoting what has now become known as the “Most Dope” movement—everybody living their lives to the fullest—and recently had artist Norman “Norm” Stien permanently stamp “Most Dope” across his knuckles.

INKED: Did you expect your career to take off as fast as it has?

MAC MILLER: Yes and no. I mean, this is what I planned for; this is what I worked for. It’s not incredibly surprising—but at the same time, when you step back and look at it, it’s still a blessing and it’s still incredible. But, you know, this is what I worked for, so you have to realize that this is where I wanted to be.

What do your parents have to say about your career?

They love it. My dad watches MTV Jams all day. I’ll come back home and [he’ll say], “Malcolm, did you watch the new Jeezy video?

What do you think of that?”

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