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Mac Miller – Got You + Lyrics

Hip-Hop producer Free N Losh just released a free mixtape entitled “MVP (Most Versatile Producer)”. Track number 4, “Got You” is an unreleased song that he produced for Mac Miller. This one sounds as if its a few years old, but def still good!

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lyrics after the jump written by @TheProfit151

Mac Miller – Got You Lyrics

I got you right where I want you
Now you can’t get away
You try, to find, a way I wanna break out

I got you right where I want you
You ain’t gettin away
You try, to find, a way out you can’t break out

First Verse

You can’t get away but trapped in this so
Grab your seat belt, fasten it
Girls keep me on them Facebook status
Reppin for me like a activist
Now I don’t have to spit, I just choose to
With some words that will move you concept confuse you lose you
Intelligent with etiquette never let it get better than mess around with a medicine
Sentences with a predicates
I take action no use relaxing
Curses that I’m casting got them all wrapped in my spell
They say he rapping so well
Light a square up right after the L
I’m smoking come roll with me
It’s potent got a whole O to Chief
Teacher’s like Mac can you focus please
But y’all ain’t control of me


Second Verse

Look, young Socrates thinking so prolific
Critics get the fuck up out my business
No gimmicks, I talk it how I live it
Told God that this gift is a privilege
So thank you for blessing me with talent
My neighbors and my fans think I’m chemically imbalanced
Move on with new songs, beasts getting chewed on
Wake up bake up put my shoes on
Money got you shady if it’s too long
Act crazy the he going to do wrong
Right where I want you, in your brain I’m a haunt you I got you


Third Verse

The most Dopest overly devoted
Young mechanic making everything that’s broke fixed
This a simple routine so focus
I’m just watering the flowers no lotus
It’s magic when I spit, go hookas pookas
The game is full of clay I’m a mold it
People that I roll always ready to protect me
A lot of hate coming towards an MC
Ain’t nobody friendly out for them own chips
I’m so sick epidemic like a cold hit
My team running it now, Most Dope clique
A lot of rappers in the game but they don’t fit
A long journey to the top but I won’t quit
Got delta in his hand, don’t fold it
Keep it pushing don’t let yourself get stuck
I know your momma never told you to give up