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Mac Miller Gives His Opinion On Yelawolf & Eminem

mac miller yelawofl eminem

Yelawolf and Eminem are doing some–thing dope for music, so they deserve to be on the cover. In the inter- view, Eminem and Yela have a funny sense of humor together. Yelawolf is super ill. He brings a different per- spective. It’s always good to have people that have something to say. He definitely knows who he is, and that’s one thing Em has always also been [good at]: zoning in on who he is. [Shady Records] has a really good roundup of MCs. Yelawolf definitely fits in, but has his own style. I’m all for music meshing together— whether [it’s] an indie rock song that sounds kind of hip-hop or a hip- hop song that sounds kind of indie rock. I love when lines between genres are crossed. I agree with Yelawolf: I don’t think any white rapper should be using [the N-word]. Whether you’re a rapper or a cashier [that rule applies]. I find it ridiculous that it’s even up for debate. I wasn’t raised to ever use that word, so I don’t see any circumstance where that would be appropriate. —Mac Miller