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Mac Miller Freestyles On MTV’s RapFix (MP3 Download + Lyrics)

Yesterday before the end of MTV’s RapFix, Mac Miller kicked a dope freestyle with Casey Veggies. I don’t think Mac did this one off his head, so you expect to hear this incredible verse on a future song. I also went ahead and ripped the audio for you guys

Download: Mac Miller – RapFix Freestyle

lyrics after the jump written by @H4N_NAH

Mac Miller RapFix Freestyle Lyrics

When did this become a job? I used to do it just because.
Go through fuck it everyday. Seems like I cant get enough.
Its always what it was but it was never when you’re in the room filled with money groupies hoes and drugs
Everybody asks me questions every interview the same
But they never get shit right don’t get shit right except my name
all tell me they love me and tell me they got my back
But would they stand right by my side if they think it was cool to say im wack
That’s the shit I really hate is what you hit a certain stage
And almost everything say is so you can entertain
All these people who just want you to do something and if you don’t then they complain
Who the fuck are you to need me too explain
I do me and maintain it
I don’t give a fuck if I get famous
Out here making music that’s the illest when im banging in the whip
Bitch you cant tell me that I aint
Go through bullshit every day but I don’t claim to be insane
I have my nights where I can get fucked up go out chill
Do some stupid shit
I was always fucking smart never studious
Where in the bible does it tell you bout the groupie bitch
Show me No disrespect its just my life is on some movie shit
Everyday I pray to god but don’t know who that god is
But I just hope someone watching over me that keeps me honest
Used to people telling me that theres no way that I could do shit
Money makes them funny don’t know how im gonna get used to this
Rappers wanna feature gonna make it while im here
Tell me that their all official with some fakin ass career
You expect to change the world but you don’t know who you are
A loser in a moving car that calls themselves a superstar
I use my heart express it through my heart
While you fragile ass surface gonna break it apart
From the start, Im me. There will never be no difference
Don’t listen to these suspisions that my ? is for children
And mad I got young fans, a group of old friends,
Rocking their low pants and hippies jews hoes and hold hands
Girls who want my whole teams dick all in their throat glands
And im just giving you the truth throughout this whole jam
No man can do what I do, they aint got my life
Tell me that I wont but that’s the wrong advice
Factual, all precise, that’s why they call it nice
Just dropped the bomb on somebody with a pocket knife