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Mac Miller featured in Ozone Magazine

With all respect to Drake, at 18-years-old, we have to shout out to the fact that Mac Miller is now the youngest (rapper) doing it. After a shitload of viral videos and a highly anticipated and downloaded mixtape, K.I.D.S., (downloaded 46,000-plus times on alone, as this is typed), this Pittsburgh emcee finds himself as one of the most talked about rappers on the internet today. Just a recent high school graduate, and newly signed to Rostrum Records (same label home as budding rap star Wiz Khalifa), Mac may just be a kid, but he’s at the forefront of rap’s ’90’s babies movement.

Just weeks after the release of K.I.D.S., called up the new kid on the block to talk about his rise on the worldwide web, rap’s new generation, mixtape success and just being a muthafuckin’ kid.

You’re only 18, so how long have you been rapping?
I’ve been into music since I was 6-years-old, played piano, guitars, drummers, all the instruments. I used to write little raps as a kid. When I was 14 in high school, I started taking it a little more serious. I used to just freestyle non-stop, 24-7. And then when I got to 15, my homie told me I should record some of [my music]. So I recorded it and put out a mixtape by myself in three weeks. And since then, I’ve been working every single day. Music has been my passion from the earliest I can remember, that’s been my favorite thing to do.

Do you remember what kind of feedback you got from that first mixtape?
[Laughs]. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t like a mixtape that went up on the blogs or out on the internet. It was like something I printed up and recorded in my basement. It was called Macin’ Ain’t Easy.

So what was the first mixtape that got your name out there?
When I was 17 I put out The Jukebox, which was my first mixtape that had a DJ hosting it, and it got on XXL and a couple other websites. So that was the first thing that I really put out. And then I started doing videos, after that mixtape dropped, which really helped get my name out there even more. But my first real mixtape that I started generating a buzz was December of 2009, I dropped The High Life, which was like the first mixtape I dropped that really did something for me.

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