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Mac Miller Fab 5 Interview

Mac Miller is the third artist in our “Fab 5,” our crop of new rappers we’re highlighting this month that have included Meek Mill and Big Sean. The 19-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh has established himself as a leader of the revivalist strain of modern hip-hop, focusing on playful beats and a fun-loving vibe that hearkens back to the mid-’90s Golden Era of rap.

In the series of videos below, Mac talks about his past, present and future. We first find him, appropriately enough, in the studio, discussing his European tour and returning from the road to immediately record more material. After that, check out Miller’s video tour diary, which takes the rapper from Seattle to Salt Lake City to Albuquerque and shows him before, during and after the show.

The Rostrum Records signee also describes Pittsburgh’s Blue Slide Park as that place that has “so many different purposes in your life” and shares what separates Pittsburgh from other American cities. Finally, find out what Miller has to say about honesty and being genuine in your lyrics — “I rap about exactly what goes on in my life,” the rapper says — before sharing the highlight of his music career. We have a feeling, though, they’ll be many more highlights to come.

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