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Mac Miller – DJ Semtek Freestyle + Lyrics

Mac Miller recently appeared on DJ Semtek’s radio show on BBC 1. While there Mac dropped some killer bars for the DJ over a old school beat. Haven’t heard Mac go off the dome in awhile, this is incredible! I also ripped the audio for you guys to download.

Download: Mac Miller – DJ Semtek Freestyle

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Mac Miller – DJ Semtek Freestyle Lyrics

Hey yo i’m bustin through the door just so everybody know
Chickens ass in the air and her hands on the floor
I’m drapped out in gold and thats bape on my clothes
This out of body watch me take out your soul
You know the kid hot like my face on the stove
Wasn’t looking at me till my wrist got froze
Ice bucket, chicken hit the rugget,
but she can hit the road if she reluctant to suck
I don’t mess with that raw tradition, the new world everybody on a mission
And Me not making money thats a contradiction
Cause I like my women yellow like they on the Simpson’s
Yep, you a simp i’m convinced
I’m riding in a blimp chillin listening to Prince
Get in where you fit in and don’t cross the line
Cause theres only one boss and that job is mine
Ya thats right I got two body guards I walk behind
Making music just to tell you whats been on my mind
So can’t some young people get money any more
Runing through the door everybody on the floor
Saying I don’t give a what
All black bendz and the windows up
Turn the weed out when the 50 roll up
And I never had some 50 rolled up
So all you chickens listen up
Turn the bass up ya we give it that bump
Let the world turn i’ll be sippin my cup
Yup, don’t be spilling my cup
Hey, I said
My minds stable, we multiple times tables
President suites see how far my campaign go
Chug draino kill it on my first angle
All American they shouldve called me Kurt Angle
In Japan with some fans just coolin out
Girls love me like I just put a new movie out
I’m Lil Duvall you drag queen Rupal
Takin money from me, throw the deuce how i’ll do ya’ll
Women on my two balls
Crib look like a new mall
Thought I was about to lose my mind then I fooled ya’ll
Fresh and clean while you dressing like a dirty menstreul
I’m a glass of moonshine you a Shirley Temple
At a certain level working with a persons devil
Down the hill hit the brakes couldn’t work the pedal
For everything i’ve done for ya’ll I deserve a medal
Marty McFlys and I get em for the L-o
Word to Mickey Rocks got me lookin like I sell dope
Hit my cell phone if you need it by the elbow
Psych I don’t sell weed no more
Ask around I used to sell a little weed before
But I hope somebody’s keeping score
Cause I’m watchin ya’ll remember what you need me for
And I keep a whore that’ll sweep my floors
And take my whip to the crib and OD the doors
So just chillin with Semtek in London
Why you frontin while the music straight bumpin
Got this hiphop, this classics
How I do it in the park like I was Jurassic
I ain’t no Tyrannasaurus Rex with Semtek
Uh i’m the best, in polo i’m lookin fresh
I got a gold chain because I know things
This is off the top like I got no brain
Ya chillin on the mic when relaxin
This is my passion
All we do is rapping like assassin
Like Im Nas though
I got that hot flow, gettin all this cheese like its Nachos
I’m just playin on the rhyme with a camera
Take it real hot to the south in Atlanta
Then I could just Stand Up like I was just Ludacris
Ya’ll know that I’m doing this at least you know i’m chewing this
Freestyle real freestyle off the top though, snot nose, my job though
Cause thats a rhyme, sold out shows
Cause all your stuff is just sold our flows
You don’t rap for that passion, all that rap just for rapping
rap for the stacking
I don’t need money I just really like it
Get a night shift, sniff that white shit
Just playin, i ain’t on no cocaine
But all these hoes is, and thats why you know this
flow so ferocious, supercalafragalisticexpealadocious
Know Ima blow this
Rhymes out like crazy I could go forever
You know i’m never this clever i’m just better
With the cheddar
Rhymes is easy when you rhyme words
Fly as birds
Oh this that old Big L beat
Thats my shit though, I be in the window
Bumpin it, hittin on that Indo
And out though, you know I’m out though
Freestyle you know that I’m bout toughs