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Mac Miller – Dig That Ft Cam’ron + Lyrics

We have all been waiting to hear this new Mac Miller track. “Dig That” features Cam’ron and this is a straight banger as Mac and Cam destroy their verses on this Big Jerm beat. Mac hasn’t worked with many artist thus far in his young career so hearing him do a song with Cam’ron is awesome. You gotta think Mac’s dropping a new project soon……

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Mac Miller – Dig That Ft Cam’ron Lyrics

baby says she sick to me, sick of me? are you kidding me,
you from the fuckery, you cuffin me, you diggin me
not scobby doo boo boo no mystery
not school but ill tell you the history
wanted me to wife her, i just want to pipe her
only gave her Kathy i wouldnt wanna nike her
baby wont quit though, she a figher
i like god damn it was just a one nighter
dont know what i said to her, but now the girl im dead to her
caught the vapor ?? and never seen this predator
penis of competitors my cream and my cheddar
she more tennis then Venus, Serena or Federrer
?? ya ecetra
your life is like a movie, i truely be your editor
cam did it, your man live it i ran with it
two thousand dollar sweater have ??

I tell em oh ya, mother fucker oh ya
im gettin with my homies and you know im gonna share
like it hard, i dont care
i aint goin nowhere i aint scared
i got my peoples and they iller then yalls is
so can you dig that (dig that, dig that)
say can you dig that (dig that, dig that)
so can you dig that (dig that, dig that)
say can you dig that (dig that, dig that)

I must admit it im iller then most
this business i get up in it like im pimpin these hoes
all these people that you love go ahead and give them a toast
because if they aint here tomorrow you gonna miss them the most
now im living pretty good ya, some would say phenominal
all about my net like its a goalie in a soccer goal
accomplished the impossible my dreams they seemed illogical
they aint about that essay paper ima tell them adios
boss of all bosses motherfucker shouts to vado too
shmutty hoes been told me that they love me that aint nothing new
ya thats nice you know my twitter no i aint gonna follow you
you prosititue, dirty bitch ill throw you down the laundry shoot
like baddabing, baddaboom, now the rings, designer shoes
finer things i like to do, London, France and China too
gotta crib then got a view i love the ???
O’Riely tryin to find me shit too bad