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Kevin Durant Talks About Mac Miller

Complex: We talked about BP2 already, but what’s your favorite music right now?

Kevin Durant: I’m listening to a lot—every day I listen to new songs. I just started listening to Mac Miller the other day. I like Mac Miller, man. He has a nice little flow to him, you wouldn’t think he flows like that, but he’s nice. I started listening to him. Yelawolf.

Complex: So you’re up on the new-new. Do you search blogs, or do people hook you up with new stuff?

Kevin Durant: I search the blogs and people hook me up on Twitter. I got a artist as well [Privaledge] that I’ve been trying to help out, and he’s been making music and he’s really starting to take off a little bit, too, so I try to listen to as much new music as possible. Mac Miller, Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T.—I listen to guys like that.

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