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(Interview) Mac Miller: Freshest Of ‘Em All

Age is nothing but a number for Pittsburgh Rapper Mac Miller. His flow is timeless, he knows how to have fun and really, he doesn’t give a F. So, why does it matter if he’s only 19? That’s right, it doesn’t.


The first  time I heard Mac Miller was on Facebook when I saw his video to “Another Night.” Ever since, I’ve been a fan. I watched this kid get to his 100k followers on Twitter, multiply his Facebook fans, being on the cover of XXL Mag, Ustream the release of his first album, and even his wacky adventures with his MOST DOPE crew on their Funisforeveryone videos. There’s really no telling how far he’s heading into the future but, for now, he’s on the other side of the phone.

Hey Mac! One of your singles is “Donald Trump.” Tell us a bit about that.

I was in the studio with SAP the producer, and he had a really cool sample and we kinda made the song from the scratch. The song just came together really well. We just partied in the studio and the song came from that.

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Best Day Ever is the name of your free album. How long did it take for you to finish this?

Basically, we started working on it right when K.I.D.S was finishing up. We had the concept, and we were supposed to be making as much music as possible while will being on the road.

What’s the difference between K.I.D.S and Best Day Ever?

[Best Day Ever] is a lot more complete than K.I.D.S was. K.I.D.S was great [and] a tough project, but Best Day Ever is just the full story.


Let’s talk about your process. How does Mac Miller  write his rhymes and where does he get his inspiration from?

It really depends on the song. Sometimes the mood calls for it to go in and just go with the flow, and not really planning anything. It’s really like a day-to-day thing with song writing, depending on what’s going on that day. I mean my song is kinda like a reflection of what my mood was that day. So, if it’s really a good day and I’m in a great mood, the song is gonna reflect that. If the day has been rough and stressed, its gonna reflect that.

You’re kinda like a frustrated singer. I was watching your interviews and you said you wanted to be a singer.

Yeah. My background with music ranges from different variety and styles. I play different instruments, I work in the production side of things, and I’m a fan of different kinds of music. So, I wanted my project to reflect on that. It’s more than just rap to me; it’s the whole music. I feel like hip-hop is the best genre that you can show different diversity and styles.

So,tell me what goes on in your head when you perform on stage, finding out you were in iTunes or sell out shows.

I kinda try not to let it  affect my creative process. It affects me on a positive way like, “Wow! All these cool stuff that’s happening,” and it’s giving me a lot of inspiration to write music but, at the same time, I cant let it distract me and what I do. I gotta have the same work ethic and I can’t slow down and get comfortable.


Why do you think kids your age relate to you so much.

I try not to relate with people, not get caught up with anything. Music is for everybody. Everyone goes through the same thing no matter what their background [is], where they come from, where they’re going that everyone is gonna relate to.

You’re on tour right now. You’ve been jumping from one city to another. How’s that like?

It’s a very great experience. It’s cool bonding with all my fans from one city to another, and enjoy all the ups and downs together. Also, seeing different parts of the world and also seeing that I have fans all over—it’s really been an eye opening experience to see that I can travel and be able to have a group of friends with me from my hometown.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while on tour?

Prolly one time when this girl was so excited to see me she started peeing in her pants.

And if there’s anything you missed from home it’d be?

I miss the studio a lot. I miss my mom. Home cooked meal and everything. I miss the studio the most. That’s like the one thing I can’t be [without] on the road.


Your friends are featured in your videos and are in the tour with you. Whose decision was it to take them around?

It was my decision to bring all my friends with me. I mean, it could just improve the whole tour and basically have alot more fun to have my friends with me. It’s kinda like a better experience to travel with friends than to have people work for me. It’s cool because it kinda makes everything more relatable to have regular kids [on tour] and then watch them.

Rex Arrow has done a good job in making your videos. How did you guys get together and how involved are you in making the music videos.

Well, Rex was shooting an independent film in Pittsburgh and I ended up playing a role. After that, he told me he wanted to shoot music videos and I was like, “Let’s do it!”  He really took it to the next level… As part of the concept, we think of everything.  I like to make him do his thing in an artistic side. Cause an artist is an artist no matter what kind of art they do. So, I try and have him do his thing but we come up with [them] together.

What assumptions do you hate and love about being a rookie in the game?

Well, one thing I love about it is that I really have to prove to people how dedicated  I am… I don’t really hate being called a Rookie. When people say I don’t really put any work in, that kinda bothers me, cause I’ve been working for a few years now and it’s [other] people [who] feel like I haven’t done anything to get to where I am now.

A lot of people compare you to Wiz—same school, both from Pittsburgh, Rostrum, what do you have to say about that?

People are gonna compare. That’s what they do. I’m not really worried about it. They can compare all they want. What matters to me is what I know and what I do. If they want to compare me to Wiz , that’s cool. Wiz is my homie… We’re both from Pittsburg, so we share Pittsburgh style, but I think I have my own name and Wiz prolly feels the same way.


You’re a fresh guy. Enlighten us with the brands + outfit you’d be seen wearing?

Actually, it’s funny to me that people think I’m a stylish person cause’ I kinda throw on whatever. I’m not really into the fashion thing. I kinda just go with it. I’ve been treating the way that I dress the same way forever. So, it’s kinda just like whatever. A tee shirt, jeans, and a cool sweatshirt, if possible. Nothing too fancy. I just kinda like to keep it chill.

Let’s talk about Mike Posner. He tweeted,  and said you guys were talking. We love him!

Yeah! I mean, Mike is a really cool dude. We’re planning to make songs soon and working together.  I just like being with people who enjoy making good music no matter what kind they make. I’m down to work with whoever.

You’re 19 now, what are you looking forward to ’til you reach your 21st birthday?

I just hope to doing things on the next level. I just want my career to keep going uphill. I really don’t want to take any breaks.

When you get super famous, we hope we can still talk to you.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to.

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