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How to Get Ready for Watching Movies With The Sound Off

The release of Mac Miller’s sophomore album “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” is coming quick (2-3 weeks depending where you live), so here’s how to get ready for the release.

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First thing’s first, make sure you pre-order Watching Movies With The Sound Off so you get it as soon as it’s available. Whether you want the physical CD, or the iTunes version we’ve got you covered. Below are a few different places you can pre-order the album. When you pre-order the album on iTunes, you get the song “Goosebumpz” early.


Digital Download $11.99

Best Buy:

Physical CD $11.99


Physical CD $11.99

Digital Download $9.99

Now that you’ve pre-ordered Watching Movies With The Sound Off, go ahead and cop the singles off iTunes. When you do, the song price will be discounted from the total album price.

S.D.S. Single: Here

Watching Movies: Here


Watching Movies With The Sound Off comes out in just a few weeks from now. Remember, it releases in the US on June 18, and in New Zealand June 14.