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Hi-Rez “All Cried Out” Kickstarter Program

Normally we only post Mac Miller music and things related to him on this site, but we saw this amazing kickstarter program from South Florida rapper, Hi-Rez and had to spread the word about it. On his latest mixtape, ‘A Walk To Remember’, Hi-Rez released a song entitled “All Cried Out” which tells a tragic story of 3 teens who were killed in a drunk driving accident. With this kickstarter project Hi-Rez wants to make this tragic event into something positive by making a powerful visual used to raise the awareness of the harm that driving drunk can cause. However, a music video like this cost thousands of dollars and Hi-Rez doesn’t have the funds to cover the cost on his own so he is asking for donations. Every dollar counts, so please everyone consider a donation and share the video below on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.. For more informaton and to make your donation click here to visit the official kickstarter page.

Hip Hop artist Hi-Rez and director Carlos “JustCarlos” Nunez are preparing to create an impassioned visual for the song All Cried Out. JustCarlos and Hi-Rez first collaborated in the visual for “Smiling” which ended up becoming Hi-Rez’s fastest growing video to date with new fans constantly growing on a daily basis throughout his other work.

All Cried out is loosely based on a tragic event that happened in the city of Coral Springs. Four teenagers affected by alcohol went out for a drive which led to a car accident where 3 of the 4 teens lost their lives. Hi-Rez incorporates a 3rd person narrative about this event. The visual of this story has been written in a collaborative effort of Carlos and the great team of Unknown Media. The cinematic journey of this video will be captured with an Red Epic specially provided by Facet Media and great help of equipment is being provided by Studione1. We are very fortunate to have the great help by some great artists, personal friends, and volunteers who are dedicating hours of both pre-production, principal photography, and postproduction to help create this video.

All income generated from this Kickstarter project will go towards covering production costs to allow a smooth execution. Music videos at this caliber are a very expensive to make, and with this minimum cost; we are hoping it will stand on its own and leave a message that can expand years from now. If we somehow are able to create more than just our minimum, we will be forever grateful and expand on our idea and make our project at a scale that is unthinkable.

We all thank you for even considering helping out and checking out our Kickstarter project, we are all artist with a message, and with your help, our message can be projected to many who still feel invincible. We ask for your support, every dollar helps us get closer to our vision.