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‘Frick Park Market’ Music Video A Hit On YouTube

frick park market

For more than a century, the little Point Breeze property now known as the Frick Park Market has drawn customers in search of a cool soda, a sandwich or something sweet.

Kids drop by after school and before soccer practice.

One of its customers is rapper Mac Miller aka Malcolm McCormick. He’s just one of the kids who practically grew up there.

“We’ve had a tab at the market forever,” said his mother, Karen Meyers.

The kid still drops by, but he’s no ordinary customer. Co-owners Maggi Cook and John Prodan still call him Malcolm, but he’s much better known as one of rap’s shiniest new stars.

“The Frick Park Market has been the go-to spot since I was 6 years old,” Mac said. “It was only right I make a song about it.”
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The 3 1/2-minute music video for “Frick Park Market” — shot on location — debuted Thursday and is a hit, with more than 2 million views on YouTube alone.

It’s the first release from Mac’s first CD, “Blue Slide Park,” which will be released by Pittsburgh’s Rostrum Records some time this fall. Clearly, he wants to give props to his neighborhood; Blue Slide Park is the nickname given to another well-loved local hangout.

“This album is all about where I came from and who I am,” the 19-year-old artist said.

“Mostly, we wanted to get this first video off the ground and running. You never know with these things,” said Ian Wolfson, who, like Mac, is an Allderdice High School graduate. “It’s been pretty universally embraced.”

Mr. Wolfson directed and edited the video, created by his Rex Arrow film productions. It was a fast, hectic shoot — the cast and crew of more than 75 people arrived on Reynolds Street at 6:30 on a Thursday evening and finished at 5 the next morning.

“We just asked very nicely,” Mac said. “It was fun.”

“They destroyed the store, but I’ll tell you what — when you walked in the next morning, everything was so clean,” said Mr. Prodan, who stuck around for the entire process. “They wouldn’t move a salt shaker without asking me if it were all right. They did a heck of a nice job.”

“We were pleased to help Malcolm. He’s a wonderful kid,” Ms. Cook said. “I really appreciate all he’s doing for Blue Slide Park.”

There was only one thing the owners wanted to point out as “artistic license” — in the video, Mac is shown making sandwiches with his bare hands.

“We discussed that with him but for the audience that it’s going to hit, it’s OK,” Ms. Cook said. “Although his hands were pretty dirty.”

It’s not every day a business gets (sort of) its own song. With its R-rated language, however, Ms. Cook added that “the music is rather catchy, but we can only play it for a select clientele.”

Some of Mac’s crew show up in the video, including longtime friend Jimmy Murton, a Frick Park Market regular who is filmed drinking directly from the slushy machine.

The two well-dressed senior women in the market are Mac’s maternal grandmother, Marcia Weiss, and her friend, Steffie Gold.

Although most of the video was shot on location and there are scenes from Blue Slide Park near the end, the black-light fantasy segment featuring dancing women and furries was filmed at Lawrenceville’s Ice House studios.

“I was very happy with how it all went, it was great. It sort of exceeded what we set out to accomplish,” Mr. Wolfson said. “For better or worse, this is just something we’ve been doing now for about 21/2 years. Mac will send me a song and we’ll sort of come up with the concept. It’s always sort of a mad dash.

“Fortunately, I have a great team I work with, a great producer and a great cinematographer.”

One good turn deserves another. For the longest time, Mac has been pushing to have a sandwich named after him: “That’s been my dream forever,” he said, adding, “I already know what it is, though; I get the same thing every time.”

“Pepperoni, egg salad, maybe ham, typically a young man’s sandwich — you don’t know what you really want, so you throw everything on it,” said Mr. Prodan, laughing.