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Fan Blog: Under The Influence Of Music Tour (Cincinnati,OH 7/26)

On Thursday night, Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller headlined their second stop of “The Under The Influence Of Music” tour in Cincinnati,OH.

@MichaelEFear was there and wrote this great fan blog which you should read below:

This past Thursday, July 26th, I got a chance to hit up The Influence Tour in Cincinnati. If you’re a Mac Miller or Wiz Khalifa fan, I’d recommend going when they’re in your city.

As you can see, Riverbend (Cincinnati) was packed before Mac got on stage. Overall the fans at this series were incredible. It flat our poured two or three times during the concert and the fans in the lawn didn’t budge. Luckily, I was inside the pavilion, but I couldn’t go without mentioning the dedication that the lawn brought.

Wiz Cincy 1

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I gotta admit, I’m a lot bigger fan of Wiz Khalifa, but Mac Miller brought it. You can tell the dude flat out loves being on stage. There were a lot of times that you couldn’t understand what Mac was rapping unless you had the song memorized, but it didn’t matter. His energy more than made up for it. It won’t be long before he’s the Main Artist at a concert.

mac cincy 1

mac cincy 2

Mac Miller was on stage for probably 45 minutes and closed with Donald Trump. Surprise huh? Without a doubt, it’s my favorite song of his, and it didn’t disappoint. Overall, I can say I came home and added more Mac Miller songs to my Spotify playlist.

I basically went to the concert to see Wiz Khalifa. Depending on the week, he may be my favorite rapper. He’s definitely in the top 3 though. Not gonna lie, I went in to the concert expecting a lot. Wiz hit the mark though, I left a bigger fan than I was heading in.

wiz khalifa cincy 2

The only negative thing I can say about Wiz on Thursday, were some of the song selections. I was kinda disappointed to not hear This Plane (my favorite song of his), When I’m Gone, & No Sleep.

Other than that though, he was flat out incredible the whole night. One thing I noticed is how serious he took everything. There were multiple times that Wiz would go behind the drummer to tell a stage manager something. You could tell that he wanted to put on a top-notch performance.

Lastly, I can honestly say I really enjoyed The Influence Tour. If you’re a fan of Mac & Wiz, I would recommend it. I’m already planning on going back to Wiz’s concert next summer in Cincinnati.


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Below are several more videos I found on youtube from the Cincinnati show!

Mac Miller


Smile Back


Diamonds & Gold

Lucky Ass Bitch

Knock, Knock

Frick Park Market

Donald Trump

Wiz Khalifa

Intro/Cabin Fever



Work Hard, Play Hard

Taylor Gang

Phone Numbers

The Code

Black & Yellow

If you have pictures, videos or want to write a review from your “Under The Influence” experience email me at