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Fan Blog: Under The Influence Of Music Tour (Chicago,Il 7/27)

Time for fan blog #3 from the “Under The Influence Of Music tour”. This time our friends Cory & Olivia were in attendance at the Chicago, Illinois stop and shared a couple great stories with us!

wiz khalifa chicago

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Below is what Cory J. had to say:

Show started at 530. Boaz started everything off. He played 3 or 4 songs. Then Chevy Woods played for about 30 minutes. One of the cool things Chevy did was his freestyle to ofwgkta’s “Yonkers”. Next, was Schoolboy Q. He did about a 20 minute show. His last song “Hands on the wheel” was a definite hit. Then Chiddy Bang came out a little before 7. Kendrick Lamar played a 30 minute show. Then Mac played a hour show. Then Wiz did a hour and a half show.
This was my 5th Mac concert, and this was the best performance by him and was the coolest visually.

Some of the cool things that happened at the concert:

Before the whole show started, Mac ran on stage and threw a handful of blunts to the crowd. It was really funny.

The big back screen for Mac was awesome. Every song there was a story being played on the screen that went along with the song. For Best Day Ever Bonus, there were videos and pictures of him as a kid being shown. Loitering there was a Clint Eastwood movie shown. For Smile Back, there was a karate movie.

Then, as the beat dropped for the song “Loud”, the stage’s power went out. So Mac freestyled and had some funny bars.

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I got Chiddy Bang, Mac Miller, and Wiz Khalifa’s full setlists here too.

Chiddy Bang setlist:
Handclaps and Guitars
Mind Your Manners
Big Sean – High, Chiddy did the chorus, and their verse for the song.
Too Much Soul
Ray Charles
Cant Stop (Freestyle)
Opposite of Adults

Mac Miller Setlist:
Best Day Ever Bonus
Knock Knock
Nikes On My Feet
My Team
Smile Back
1 Threw 8
The Mourning After
Lucky Ass Bitch
Diamonds and Gold
Pink Slime
Of the Soul
Frick Park Market
Missed Calls
Donald Trump

Wiz Khalifa Setlist:
Cabin Fever
Phone Numbers
Gang Bang
Taylor Gang
The Grinder
The Cruise
The Kid Frankie
Never Been
In the Cut
Still Blazin
Young Wild and Free
Smokin On
Be Easy
Boarding Pass
Feels Good
Ink My Whole Body
The Race
Hopes and Dreams
On My Level
Work Hard Play Hard
Black and Yellow

Olivia had this to add to the concert experience

Today I went to the Under The Influence Tour in Tinley Park, IL. Words can’t explain how amazing it was. There was so many people there maybe over 30,000. The lawn seats were PACKED with people. All you could see we’re people wearing Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang, etc, etc shirts. School Boy Q, Chiddy Bang, Kendrick Llamar, Boaz, Chevy Woods, Wiz Khalifa, and Mac Miller all in one night? Couldn’t have been better. They were all great performances, the best I have I say was deffinatly Mac Miller. He opened with a video of him when he was younger rapping. And when he came out, oh my god. Right from that moment, shit got real. He rapped his little Pittsburg heart out to us. Even smoked a blunt. I really can’t even out into words how great his performance was. I’ve been waiting for 2 months for this. And it happened and it couldn’t have been better. Before he performed Loud, the power went out. But he brushed it off and talked to us and shit. The last song he performed was Donald Trump. It was fucking amazing. The smoke filled the stage and confetti blew out. Most dope. If you have the chance to go, fucking. go. Best day of my life. No regrets.

I found tons of videos on youtube, some of these are really dope!

Best Day Ever:

Knock Knock:

Nikes On My Feet:

Smile Back:

Ignorant, Angels, The Morning After, Lucky Ass Bitch:

Loses Power During Loud; Freestyle


My Team, Frick Park Market:

Missed Calls:

Donald Trump:

Wiz Khalifa

Cabin Fever:


Taylor Gang:

The Grinder:

Never Been:

In The Cut & Still Blazin:


Young Wild & Free:

On My Level:

Work Hard Play Hard:


Chiddy Bang

High, Too Fake

By Your Side:

Ray Charles

Kendrick Lamar:

Swimming Pools (Drank):

Fuck Your Ethnicity:

Opposite Of Adults:

Schoolboy Q

Hands On The Wheels:

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