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Celebrate The 2 Year Anniversary Of Mac Miller’s Debut Album, ‘Blue Slide Park’

Two years ago today, Mac Miller made indy history with the release of his debut album, ‘Blue Slide Park.’ It’s hard to believe its already been two years. To celebrate the anniversary, we put together a post of the highlights from that release on November 8th 2011.

-July 6th 2011 – Mac Miller Announces “Blue Slide Park” in Youtube Video
Here’s the ustream from the same day

-July 16th 2011 – Mac Miller Announces The “Blue Slide Park Tour”

-August 12th 2011 – Mac Miller Announces “Frick Park Market” as 1st single

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– August 18th 2011 – Mac Miller Release “Frick Park Market”

– September 16th 2011 – Mac Miller Releases BSP Artwork & Announces November 8th Release Date

– September 22nd 2011 – Mac Miller Kicks Off Blue Slide Park Tour In NYC

– September 23rd 2011 – Mac Miller Announces “Smile Back”

– September 24th 2011 – Mac Miller Releases “Smile Back”

– September 27th 2011 – Mac Miller Announces BSP Tracklist & Possibility Of Early Releases

– October 25th 2011 – DJ Enuff World Premieres “Party on 5th Ave”

– October 27th 2011 – Mac Miller Holds BSP Listening Party

– October 27th 2011 – Mac Miller Drops The “Party On 5th Ave” Music Video

– November 8th 2011 – Mac Miller Releases Debut Album, ‘Blue Slide Park’

– November 8th 2011 – Mac Miller’s Album Release Show
Video of Mac getting emotional as he announces BSP

– November 15th 2011 – The Epic Blue Slide Park Fan Pics Post We Made (277 Photos)

– November 15th 2011 – We also made an awesome mosaic out of all the fan pics

– November 15h 2011 – Mac Miller Makes History; Debuts At #1 With BSP

– December 10th 2011 – Mac Miller Brings “Blue Slide Park Tour” To Pittsburgh

– January 4th 2012 – Mac Miller Releases “Of The Soul” Music Video

– January 6th 2012 – Fan Made mixtape of audio from the Blue Slide Park Tour

– January 30th 2012 – Mac Miller Visits Blue Slide Park

– May 22nd 2012 – Mac Miller Releases BSP Worldwide & Releases Video Game

– June 12th 2012 – Mac Miller Returns To Frick Park Market

– June 23rd 2012 – Mac Miller Releases The “Missed Calls” Music Video

– November 8th 2012 – Mac Miller Releases “One Last Thing” Music Video On BSP 1 Year Anniversary

That was fun to recap that great album and its release. Did you listen to BSP today?