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Mac Miller Details His Encounter With Lorde

MTV talked with Mac Miller about his recent trip to Australia. During the chat Mac detailed his encounter with 17 year old, international super star, Lorde. While Mac thinks that she is an incredible talent, Mac says that a collaboration isn’t happening anytime soon, because he doesn’t feel he’s on her level.

Mac does, however, reveal that he is back to working with Diplo! The two previously collaborated on the standout ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ track, “Goosebumpz”.

Mac Miller Gives A Bizarre Explanation For Dying His Hair Pink

Recently, Mac Miller sat down with MTV for an interview where they posed the question, “What made you dye your hair pink?”. With a straight face, Mac gave the most bizarre and crazy answer that you will ever hear.

“What prompted me to dye my hair was the wonders of life and all of its mystical creations and the magic in just trying new things. It’s like going out and I just feel like I’m a mermaid sometimes. So I just wanted to get my fins wet, to be honest”

Big Day Out 2014 Interviews: Mac Miller

You may know Malcolm McCormick better as Mac Miller, the rising rap star from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who’s presently Down Under as part of the Big Day Out tour. The man himself jumped straight from the stage to the Music Feeds interview chair to talk to us about the crazy energy of his festival shows, trying new stuff on stage for the first time and all about the most Australian thing he’s ever done (hint: the answer does not involve Vegemite but might be a little NSFW).

Mac Miller’s Plan For 2014: D.A.D.D. (Do As Drake Does)

In an interview with Nessa and Katrina B at WiLD 94.9’s WiLD JAM, Mac Miller kicks things off by explaining why he doesn’t like meaningless sex. “What’s the point of it. I wanna feel something, in my heart,” he tells the ladies.

The Pittsburgh emcee then describes his new puppy, who he named Ralph to go along with his friend’s new dog, Lauren.

Miller also reveals his plan for 2014: “D.A.D.D. – Do As Drake Does.”

Watch the clip to hear Larry Fisherman discuss what he likes about Drake’s method for dropping music, Beyonce’s new LP, how he considers his dogs his children, his new music, and more.

Mac Miller Reads Youtube Comments; Makes Users Look Really Bad

Have you ever gone on youtube, watched a Mac Miller video and read some of the comments? If you have, you know that Mac Miller is one of the most hated on artists on Youtube, for no reason at all. Every few comments you’ll see something dumb like “we want the old Mac back” or “white people can’t rap” with the best being the ones calling out Mac for being jewish.

In a recent team up with Noisey, Mac sat down to read some of the comments on the music video for “I Am What I Am (Killin’ Time)”. In the video Mac has funny, but clever, rebuttal for everything thrown his way.

Mac Miller Explains That Right Now Is The “Golden Age” In Hip-Hop

Miller added that part of the improved product can be attributed to inspiration turning into motivation.

“Watching Movies” rapper Mac Miller believes hip-hop is in a unique place right now. The Pittsburgh native, who recently released his debut live album, entitled Live From Space, opened up in a recent interview about why he’s throwing around hip-hop halos to today’s artists:

“Artists right now are making some of my favorite music in Hip Hop that’s ever been made,” Miller said in an interview with “I think that in many years this year will be looked back on as a very special time and there hasn’t been anything that as a movement has been as big as this since the quote-unquote Golden Age.”

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Mac Miller In 2014: “I Have 4 Albums Done”

It’s not like Mac Miller spent 2013 doing nothing: The Most Dope rapper dropped two LPs, one mixtape under his Delusional Thomas alias and headlined a tour. Anyone who thought the Pittsburgh MC might take some time off has another thing coming.

“I have four albums done right now — not done, but four albums that have a foundation and have at least seven songs on each of them,” Mac told MTV News when we visited his home studio in Studio City, California.

Miller isn’t sure how any of these four albums will be released — after all, he has released projects under a number of aliases, such as Delusional Thomas and Larry Lovestein & the Velvet Revival.

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Mac Miller Explains What He Learned In 2013, Dawson’s Creek, & More

If you take a look at the iTunes listing for Mac Miller’s newest album, Live From Space, you’ll note that the first two entries under “Contemporaries” are Sam Adams and Asher Roth, former frat rappers in arms who first got big off of realizing that drunken college kids wanted to listen to music about being drunken college kids. In that sense, Mac still has a ways to go before he completely sheds the grinning, grating persona that earned a brutal Pitchfork takedown and the enmity of every rap writer over the age of 30.

But pop culture is nothing if not forgiving, and Mac hung around long enough, and did enough drugs, to make his way down the lonely path of self-analysis toward something resembling enlightened. He hoovered up left-field sonic influences and refined his technique, which earned him enthusiastic co-signs from artists like Earl Sweatshirt and Flying Lotus, culminating in a 2013 album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, that earned legitimate acclaim and helped wipe away some of the disdain for his earlier output.

Today, Live From Space, the 14-song mix of live recordings from The Space Migration Tour and unreleased songs that didn’t make Watching Movies with the Sound Off, is out. On the project, Mac’s backed by his house band Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians from The Internet.

Noisey: There’s this stereotype that most rappers are better on record than they are in concert, so why do a live album?
Mac Miller: Because I wanted to show that stereotype was one hundred percent true and have both albums, so people would be like, “Okay, word.” [Pauses] That was a joke. But uh, no man, because I love performing and we have a show that’s different and it is good live and there’s maybe a couple songs where you can’t understand what I’m saying, like watching Lil B, because there’s too much screaming, but other than that, it breathes new life into the record.

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Mac Miller Explains That ‘Live From Space’ “Breathes New Life” Into His Music

When we first met Mac Miller he was a teenage rap machine whose concerns orbited around cutting school, partying and the Nikes on his feet, but the Pittsburgh prodigy has grown immensely since his 2010 break out mixtape K.I.D.S. (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Sh–).

Anyone unconvinced need look no further than Live From Space, Mac’s new live album which he released on Tuesday (December 17). The material for the 14-track LP was compiled from different stops on Mac’s 2012 The Space Migration Tour, where he showcased music mostly from his June 18 studio album Watching Movies With the Sound Off. During the run, Miller not only rapped, he showed off other facets of his musical self by playing the guitar, piano and drums.

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Mac Miller Is Working On 4 Projects Right Now

Mac Miller never stops working and don’t look for him to slow down anytime soon. In an interview with XXL, Mac claims that he is working on not 1, not 2, not 3….but FOUR new projects. While little is known about those projects we can assume that one is “Pink Slime” with Pharrell and another is “92 Til Infinity” with Jazzy Jeff. Check out the full interview:


I wanted to ask, too, about these five new songs. Were they leftovers from Watching Music—I mean, theWatching Movies sessions?
I don’t want to do this interview, dude, you just got my album title wrong. I’m done. Yeah, dude, they were… you can’t watch music, dude, that’s not even possible.

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Mac Miller & Pharrell Are Finishing Up Their “Pink Slime” EP


In early 2012, Mac Miller began working with super-producer Pharrell Williams on a joint-EP the two began referring to in interviews as Pink Slime. As Miller told Rolling Stone shortly thereafter, they planned to release their collaboration later that year. But busy work schedules for both artists and most prominently, Williams’ mega 2013, caused the project to be put on hold.

Miller now reveals the Mac-Pharrell project is back on. “We actually just talked a couple days ago,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I’m going to go see him [in Miami] and we’re going to finish it and put it out. Because the shit’s ill and people want it. We both had pretty wild years. We gotta do it!”

Read the rest at RollingStone

Mac Miller – The High Life

Good read from FFWDWeekly, Mac Talks Reality Show, Touring With Lil Wayne, Receiving the Key to Pittsburgh and more.

Mac Miller’s somewhere in Los Angeles, travelling to the next set of the odd biographical MTV2 series Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family, when the phone is handed to him.

“It’s just a dumb-ass reality show,” the 21-year-old quips about the current activity. “This is the second season. I don’t think it’s gonna be as good as the first.”

It’s all noted in jest: he lets out an obviously contained laugh and quickly admits that the show’s producers are sitting in the car with him. It’s a brief, insightful foray into the rapper’s life; at heart, Miller’s a laid-back jokester who doesn’t give a shit about what people think. As a rapper, however, he’s constantly thoughtful.

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