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Casey Veggies – Can I Live Ft Mac Miller + Lyrics

Casey Veggies new album “Sleeping In Class” the deluxe edition was just released via itunes. As we have been waiting we now have the song “Can I Live” which features none other then Mac Miller! This one is dope, make sure you check out Casey Veggies on the Blue Slide Park tour which kicks off later this week!

can i live

Download:Casey Veggies – Can I Live Ft Mac Miller

Lyrics after the jump

Casey Veggies – Can I Live Ft Mac Miller Lyrics
flyer then ive ever been, you just mad you never been
bitches at the tele gettin feaky like they lesbian
and they notice everything i kick incredible
mac miller here with the homie mr vegetables
mostdope general i know you seen us on tour, do a 30 minute set the people want more
and thats an encore the show run late
bitches give me head trying to find out how my good taste
i talking about the jeweler saying fuck jake
iphone on me for my sportscenter updates, oh the steelers won again
and groupies rollin through i tell her bring 100 friends
its good we out in cali and casey thats my homie
we cooler then mo deep its ez macaroni
shorty wanna ride the pony tell her give me brain no teeth
fool we party all night and we dont sleep